Welcome to our blog, Sprinkles on Top. We, my husband and I, have three beautiful (of course we think they’re beautiful, they're ours) children Kensi, Finn & Olivia. Our home state is Nebraska and we love to scream & shout for our Huskers. Shortly after we were married in 2009 we moved just outside of our Nation's capital to Maryland where we learned how to live on our own. Not only was it a crazy time as we had both just graduated college, started our first jobs, but we were experiencing everything that came with being 'just married’; the whole kit and kaboodle.

It was my first time living away from home and it was hard. I had many days filled with homesickness and tears and the fear of 'what the heck am I doing here?" We had great days and horrible days. Days where there wasn't a care in the world and days where we realized all our bills came out at once and we had nothing but $.08 to our name. Sheer horror. We had no one to rely on but each other. We had no choice but to work it out. It was the best time for us because that's where we built a rock solid foundation of our marriage. 

After two and half years of enduring a very busy fast pace work/life style, spending too much time in the car commuting to and from work and living just for the weekends, we decided we were ready to move back home to Omaha. Shortly after making that decision we discovered we were expecting our first child, Little Baby B #1. We were on cloud nine as everything was falling into place perfectly. Mike had a job back home, we'd be moving closer to family and by closer I mean moving in with my parents until we found a house. However, things weren't so green once we got there. Mike's job was very demanding of his time and took up all his energy as his company was trying to get back on their feet after a flood had hit the power plant the previous summer and left the plant shut down. He was working 50+ hour work weeks that were only intended to last a couple months and instead turned into over a year. We welcomed our daughter and I stayed home. Still living with my parents was very hard, as we didn't feel comfortable buying a house until we knew the plant was going to start up again. After a year and half of yet a very interesting lifestyle we had a decision to make; find a different job of choice or risk things going completely sour and having to take the first job available.....we went with the first.

Mike had several interviews and a few job offers. We were torn so we left it in God's hands. He led us to North Carolina and we haven't looked back. Returning to the east coast has been a bit challenging as we left our family behind in the midwest yet again with confusion and some unanswered questions as to why. The best answer we could give them is we feel this is where God is telling us this is where we're suppose to be. 

We’ve been here in North Carolina for three years now and we are loving every bit of it, well except for the snakes, lizards & humidity. In the time we’ve been here we’ve built, bought and moved into our first house. We’ve dedicated our blog to inspiring other homeowners through design and everyday life adventures. Our readers will often see us use the #characterbuildingourhome as we purchased a basic cookie cutter house and we’re slowly turning it into a character filled home through diy projects. We’re constantly working on a project whether it’s painting, adding a fireplace or building furniture.

A Little Bit About Me
I have a double degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. In Maryland I taught PreK & Preschool and quickly moved into an administrative role where I created assessments for our preschool and taught yoga and sign language. 

Today, I'm very lucky to be a SAHM for our daughters and son. I also run my Etsy shop, Kens & Finn. I love cooking, baking, sewing and anything that really gets my hands dirty. I'm a big DIY-er and love design. I have an obsession for shoes, vintage and all things holiday.

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