Thursday, March 22, 2018

Olivia’s Room

Olivia’s room has been a long time coming. Well every bedroom pretty much has been a long time coming and still counting as we constantly rearrange our upstairs. I’m so excited to have one of the bedrooms finished (other than adding crown). It’s everyone’s little retreat and thankfully Olivia doesn’t seem to mind.

For her room we kept things pretty simple, using a lot of what we already had, re-purposed different items and purchased only a few select new ones. We didn’t have a specific budget for this room, but we knew we wanted to keep the budget low and the room simple + beautiful. I think we accomplished exactly that!

Mike and I started by painting the once pink ceiling back to white and added the shiplap-like accent wall. We created the accent wall using 1/4 inch plywood ripped into 6 inch wide strips. We didn’t fill the nail holes as we wanted to keep all the imperfections of the wood. Our biggest debate was paint color. We went back and forth whether we were going to flip the wall colors: paint the shiplap the green and the rest of the room white. We’re so happy with our choice as the color on the walls makes the room so cozy! 

Olivia’s windows really needed curtains and what I wanted was more than what we wanted to spend. I ended up purchasing IKEA curtains for $9.99 per set of two panels and picked up black pom pom trim from Hobby Lobby where I was able to use a 40% off coupon. I did a basic stitch on my sewing machine attaching the trim to each side of a panel. Compared to $100 per panel, ours cost us a total of $12.25 per panel. A great little DIY to save tons while still getting the look we wanted!

The show stopper in Olivia’s room aside from the accent wall and my favorite piece is the beautiful Darling My Darling print. A fellow high school classmate and friend of mine, Ashley DuBois,  created this print for her sweet daughter’s nursery. She very graciously shared her gorgeous art and I’m so thankful because it makes Olivia’s room.

The last piece we want to add to Olivia’s room is crown molding. We haven’t been able to knock this off our to do list due to our current schedule, but hopefully we can cross this off the list very soon! We are so in love with her room and we would do it all over again! The total cost of her room came in just under $225 which mainly included paint, plywood for the wall, curtains, trim, and few a accessories such as her wall hooks and framed wall art! 

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Easter Basket Favorites

Happy Friday friends! This week as been such a long week for us, yesterday felt like Friday and I had to remind myself repeatedly that is wasn’t, and it was just flat out depressing. On top of being a long week, I also realized Easter is only a couple weeks away. WHAAAAAT!?!?!?!?!? Easter is sneaking up on us and I’m not ready at all. For crying out loud I still have my bottle brush trees sitting on our mantle! This weekend I have to get into gear for spring, but in my defense it’s been unusually cold here at the beach. We woke up to 28 degrees (F) yesterday morning which is crazy for around here. Luckily, the last couple days I pushed myself to work on the kids’ Easter baskets because I don’t want to be THAT mom who forgot, and now you won’t either! A few other fun goodies I picked up for the baskets are mini basic lego box sets. They’re not expensive and the possibilities are endless for the kids. We play with our Legos quite a bit, so this will be a hit! I also picked up some fun candy from William Sonoma. They always have the prettiest candy for Easter baskets and they’re currently on sale! So quick get this stuff done and be ready for this incredible spring holiday!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Planting a Beautiful Mess

Over the weekend Kensi asked if we could plant flower seeds for the backyard. We don’t have a great place to plant her flower seeds at the moment, but it was a great opportunity to teach them about planting seeds and watching them grow. We were already at the home improvement store picking up our supplies to begin tiling the laundry room, so while Finn swiftly napped in the stroller while Livie constantly kicked the back of his seat to wake up, Kensi and I made our way over to the garden section and began scanning the seed packets. One of the very fortunate things about living in coastal North Carolina is spring comes early and it’s our sweetest season. While everyone we know in the midwest and up the east coast are still battling cold temperatures and snowstorms, we’re enjoying the warm sunny days, thunderstorms and our garden section filling up with plants. Kensi and I grazed through all the seed packets and decided to stick with herbs and flowers. We use so many herbs throughout the year, it’s always a go-to when it comes to planting. Kensi was overwhelmed with the flower seed selection. She loves all the colors, shapes and sizes. Explaining each characteristic of the flowers had her intently listening and she chose to plant the beautiful morning glory, our great-grandmother’s favorite: daisy, and the california poppy. We also picked up a few potting essentials so we were ready to plant our seeds later in the week.

I was really hoping to have the kids plant outside for sake of the mess it would accrue, but our temperatures were a little bit cooler today, so I braved it out and set up a gardening station in our dining room. It was a mess, and that’s an understatement, but the kids were so involved in the process and asked questions about the seeds, what helps them grow, why do they need sunshine, what food do they eat? We also read about plants in our animal encyclopedia and watched an episode of Planet Earth about pollination. The kids loved it! And I loved it. It was a productive day of learning and I felt like a super mom!

We marked each seed row using a small kabob stick and washi tape. Then we moved our planted seeds to the window for sunshine and the kids can’t stay away from them. Kensi and Finn are constantly checking to see if they can see any sprouts, even though it’s been a whole 6 hours since planting. They’ve also requested to paint pots for their plants so that will be another activity to share soon!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts, but the weather is warming up, we’re spending more time outside and finally feeling like we’re getting into the groove of this year! I’m really excited to share a few of our favorite things lately. We’ve been working on house projects (mainly upstairs) so I have a few little tips for making projects easier for you!

Since the weather has been so beautiful, the kids have been spending a lot of time outside. It’s been a great way to burn off all that winter-stuck-inside energy. Last fall we purchased this small bounce house for the kids and it’s been their favorite outdoor activity. It’s super easy to setup and take down and it stores well. There are so many to choose from, but we based our purchase off reviews and we absolutely love it!

This week the kids and I have been hitting up a few different parks in the afternoons. It’s always great to get out of the house, but with that comes packing snacks, water bottles, diapers, and more snacks. I came across Blender Bottle GoStax snack containers on Amazon and they’re seriously the most convenient container we currently own. It’s perfect for packing along a few different options for the littles and since all the containers fit onto each other, we can easily mix and match colors and sizes to fit our needs.

Those projects upstairs have had us painting a lot. We just finished Olivia’s room (post coming soon) and we’re also working on our laundry room. We have several painting projects going on and every time I open the can, it never fails I always drip paint somewhere. Whether it’s on the floor, down the can or on myself. To avoid all the paint drips and accidental spills we use Shur-Line Pour + Store Can Lids. We’ve been using them for a couple years now and they are hands down my favorite paint accessory. It’s a must have if you ever paint yourself. We buy several of them since we tend to have a few different projects going on, but they’re completely reusable.

Along with painting all those walls, comes the horrible paint fumes. Even when buying low VOC paints, theres always still a smell. Some paint companies are now making scent beads to add to the paint, but I honestly have no idea what they’re made of. However, the same results can be accomplished with essential oils. I add anywhere between 50 to 75 drops of essential oil into my gallon of paint and remix/shake everything up. The essential oil helps cut the fumes even more, plus it helps leave a better scent and sets a tone for the room. In Olivia’s room I used Young Living Lavender essential oil for all the relaxed, sleepy vibes.

Olivia is wearing one of the new rompers from the Alice & Ames spring line.

Lastly, I’ve starting building the kids’ spring and summer wardrobes. For the girls we always love to stock up on dresses and rompers. One of our favorite small shops, Alice & Ames, recently dropped their spring line and its to die for! The girls just got their pieces in the mail and they’ve been wearing them everyday since they arrived. Alice & Ames uses the most comfortable cotton for all their pieces.  They wear and wash well and they're pieces we will be able to pass down and wear again and again.

Happy Friday friends!
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