Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Favorites // Halloween

HAPPY FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!! I love Friday the 13th and even more so that it’s October for all the extra creepy! We’re all dressed festively today and this morning Kensi asked why days like today are spooky. Instead of freaking her out with crazy superstitions, I shared why I love it. 13 is my favorite number, my lucky number and my birthday (November). It just so happened I also had my 13th birthday on Friday the 13th. It’s always been a day filled with fun and a little extra spunk and today is no different! We’re kicking it off by sharing a few or our favorite Halloween finds...

I ordered these Spooky Finger Puppets for the kiddos after seeing them on Instagram from a couple of my favorite accounts and they’re so stinkin’ cute! Made by one of our favorite plush toy makers, BlaBla. They also make an impressionist set, a jungle set, a farm set and a super hero set that may just find their way into a couple stockings later this year.

I’m a sucker for festive apparel and a few of my favorites this year include the cutest kitty cat onesie I found for Olivia,  and my Boo shirt from Ily. I’m also smitten by Hen & Co.’s crazy adorable and fun clothing items she just released within the last week.

We’ve been baking quite a bit because #fall. Earlier this week we made an apple strudel cake that we were all really excited about and it was so disappointing. The whole thing was super dry and not very good. The kids and I had to make a comeback and made pumpkin spice scones. They’re best warm and so tasty with coffee, hot cocoa or hot apple cider!

I actually found fun monster and pumpkin melting kits in the Target bins last month. We have the Original Melting Snowman and knew the Halloween themed ones would be a total hit. Kensi and Finn love building little characters out of these and often switch and mix up all the pieces. It’s hilarious to see what they come up with. I’m not confident these will still be available, but here is the link for the Original Melting Witch.

Finn is really into puzzles right now and I found this fun (and free) printable pumpkin shape puzzle and this cute candy corn match through Pinterest earlier this week. He loves putting it together and it keeps him entertained.

Wishing you all the best Friday the 13th!!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Morning Routines

This week has been a whirlwind by getting hit with a stomach bug, cleaning the house and trying to decorate for halloween, but we’re falling into our new routine for this season and I’m feeling like a super mom when everything goes smoothly for the day. I’ve added a few things to our mornings to help make things a little less bumpy and a little more exciting as we bounce out the door in the morning.

I start our days off by getting all the kids ready and each of them helping make beds. Nothing starts a day off better than making the bed. It’s the one little habit that can make a huge difference for the day.  It sounds so silly, but I feel I accomplish more when this happens. As they finish brushing their teeth and grabbing their little tidbits to take downstairs, I throw in a load of laundry and make sure what was in the dryer gets sorted into their individual baskets.

When we make our way downstairs I turn on our diffuser and add in a few oils to supply what we need for the day. Sometimes I add peppermint + orange to help promote energy and motivation, thieves + orange for an added immune boost and support, or if we’re feeling really frazzled I’ll use stress away to calm our nerves. With this I love turning on one of the AppleMusic radio stations or playlists that are kid friendly. The kids have been so excited about Halloween next month and we’ve been listening to the spooky tunes at home and in the car.

The kids munch on their breakfast while I double check Kensi’s backpack and grab sweatshirts for the morning. Usually at this time the kids have a little time before we need to leave and they’ll either venture into the playroom or enjoy an episode of Magic School Bus or another favorite show.

Before heading out the door, I roll our Thieves oil on the bottles of each set of feet for added support throughout the day, especially while at school and being exposed to extra handfuls of germs. The kids all climb into the car and we set off while listening to some morning car jams.

Since Kensi started school our mornings seem to go quicker than before. I can usually get a bathroom or two cleaned, unload and begin reloading the dishwasher or swap the load of laundry around while playing with Finn and Livie. It’s funny how simple little tasks can not only keep order in the house, but the routine itself keeps everyone on track and more calm throughout the day!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Halloween Favorites // Books

The fall books have been out and we’ve read them multiple, multiple times. It’s been a few years since I’ve shared a few of our favorite halloween themed books and we’ve definitely added a few more to our shelves. The last couple weeks Kensi and Finn have pulled out all the jack-o-laterns and spider decor and have happily been playing pumpkin patch and dressing up likes ghosts using our plethora of blankets. They have been so excited to read their favorite books for this season and we realized we have a lot of books about ghosts, hence why playing ‘ghosts’ comes easily.

Kensi’s current favorites are How to Make Friends with a Ghost which is definitely age appropriate for her. This book is super sweet and the illustrations are seriously to die for, but it is long and Finn doesn’t quite have the attention span for it yet. Kensi also loves Gilbert the Ghost and The Scariest Book Ever is quite hilarious, especially to a five year old.

Finn loves all the ghost books, but he also thoroughly enjoys The Monsters’ Monster and BabyLit Frankinstein. He’s become quite the little identifier with all the body parts and tries to request donuts after we read The Monsters’ Monster almost every time! We also just picked up Super Bat from our Scholastic book order. It’s about a bat who gets bored hanging around a decides to become Super Bat, but fails on having any unique super powers the other bats don’t already have. It shares fun facts about bats and can really be read all year round.

For Olivia we love to read her Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin, Little Owl Lost and Ollie’s Halloween. They’re short, simple and have adorable illustrations that all our kids have loved.

// Book List //

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Family Friendly Halloween Flicks

As teenagers and in our 20’s, Mike and I always looked forward to the 13 Nights of Halloween lineup. I’ve always loved Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic. Horror films excited me and Mike would often take on the challenge of introducing me to something new that would scare me. But now that we’re parents I can’t handle scary movies for anything and we’re looking for more family friendly halloween movies because some on the 13 Nights list are just too scary for our littles. This year we decided to make our own list for everyone who may find themselves in a similar situation: trying to celebrate all that is festive, but family appropriate. So we’re sharing our favorites! I feel we keep  Room on the Broom and It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on repeat. Finn is also in love with Curious George, while Kensi and I love Night of the Living Carrots from Dreamworks Spooky Stories. So cozy up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and a soft blanket and enjoy all the spookiness this month with your littles, without the nightmares!

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