Monday, May 21, 2018

Puddles from the Rain

Our weekend was spent inside due to so much rain. We had seven inches of rain at our house! It was becoming quite the weekend damper since we didn’t venture out, but we had the best puddles in front of our house and we just couldn’t pass at the chance to jump in! Kensi and Finn went straight and within second were soaking wet. Mike decided to run inside to grab a few towels and came back and said ‘Let’s go!’ When was the last time you jumped in the rain puddles? We couldn’t remember and totally went for it! It was so much fun and we created the best memories!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Spring + Strawberries

Get ready for a photo overload. I couldn’t help myself from all the fun and beauty of today! We spent our sunny and warm  afternoon kicking up dirt, covering our clothes in the pinkest strawberry juice and cooling down with freshly made ice cream + sorbet. We love spring and summer for all the local berry picking and May is always our favorite. We look forward to picking berries  every year and this time the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

Kensi is a pro now since we’ve been doing this for four years. She knows her way around the farm, skips down to the picking point and follows instruction to begin collecting strawberries while Mike and I catch up to her. She’s very particular about which strawberries she picks. It has to be ‘really red’ and no white at all. This year she struggled trying to get one berry and ended up pulling half the plant out. Whoops! We quietly tucked it back in and shuffled down our row to the next cluster of red berries.

Finn is such a particular little dude. He doesn’t like to get dirty and when pulling a few berries he worried he was going to hurt them. He had no problem kicking the dirt up as we moved down our strawberry row while pointing to every specific strawberry he wanted for his bucket, but insisted we help pick it for him. He ended up filling his bucket 3/4 full and was determined to carry it all the way back to the indoor nursery, that was until about half back on our walk.

Olivia is our most determined child yet. She constantly feels the need to keep up with Kensi and Finn. She chased after them as they ran to the strawberry fields all while dressed in her pink jelly shoes and sunglasses. Just before getting to our starting point Livie sat down in the dirt for a break. This dirt is not like Nebraska dirt. It’s a chalky sand, very light and coats everything it touches. Her legs were black before she picked her first strawberry. She didn’t collect too many berries in her bucket since she would stop and eat every two steps. Her clothes are pure evidence of her epic feast in the field.

We finished our trip just as we always do, with a trip to the freshly made ice cream window. The day was warm and the ice cream was perfect for the kids. Kensi chose fresh strawberry, Finn the always chocolate man, and Livie scored strawberry sorbet. What a great way to end the week and kick off the long waited weekend!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s been a looooong time since I’ve posted any gift ideas or favorites. Mother’s day is coming up so fast and as I looked at the calendar I was shocked just how close it really is. I still need to get gifts for my mom and mother-in-law and feeling a bit frazzled about all of it. Today I’m rounding up a few of my favorites that make great gifts for all the mamas out there! 


Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Forgotten + Dirty

Keeping a house clean and tidy is hard work, and for a mom it can be even more difficult. For me, being a stay at home mom, the cleaning never stops. Come into our home any day and there are toys scattered from the playroom, down the hall, into the family and dining room. You will most likely find popcorn between our couch cushions, legos hiding under the curtains, dirty dishes in the sink and piles upon piles of laundry upstairs. I clean one area of the house and it seems to last maybe a whole 15 minutes. It’s a constant cycle and it can be exhausting, but the key for me is to designate certain days to certain cleaning. One for bathrooms, one for linens, one for floors, one for dusting & windows, etc. Giving each task a day helps compartmentalize my cleaning each week and makes it feel less overwhelming.

To think about all the cleaning that goes into a home can make the whole task seem daunting, but there are a few areas we often don’t think about cleaning. It’s easy to forget these sneaky little spots, but it’s so important to work them into our weekly cleaning routine. My sister Trish and I chat everyday, and we’re always sharing tips and tricks especially when it comes to cleaning and organizing. She’s the ultimate Clean Queen and she always has the best ideas to help me stay on top of my cleaning game. Here are a few areas Trish and I came up with to share with all of you!

8 Forgotten Sneaky Spots

1) Water & Ice Dispenser on the Refrigerator. Okay, I never thought to clean up behind the ice shelf on the dispenser. Where we live it’s high humidity which means mold can build up easily and this is the perfect spot for it to grow. Make it a goal to clean this baby at least once a month!

2) Tops of Cabinets & Appliances. Grease & cooking fumes tend to leave a thick, slimy coat on everything up high. Our vent hook and accessories above the cabinets always have a layer of this grime on it. Using a natural countertop cleaner does the trick and makes it easy to wipe all these surfaces down quick.

3) Sink Splash Guard. No one ever cleans this spot and it’s probably the most disgusting spot in the kitchen. Underneath is where all the grime grows. Here’s the most sinks, it can’t be removed, which makes it difficult to clean. So here’s our trick (actually from our dad!), using a razor blade, cut it out and replace it with a removable splash guard. We use this one and we highly recommend it!

4) Dishwasher Basket. Even the best dishwashers need some love. You know the commercials that advertise there’s no need to rinse your dish before putting it in the dishwasher? Well the soap may be doing it’s job, but all that food doesn’t just disappear. Clean out the dishwasher basket to ensure your dishes are getting the best cleaning.

5) Base Boards & Trim. The ultimate cobweb and dust bunny collector. I actually have my kids dust our baseboards because they think it’s fun, but it’s also easy and they see the dirt they’re collecting. I love using the vacuum attachment for quick weekly cleaning, but once a month I go through with my Thieves Household Cleaner & rag to wipe them all down.

6) Mattresses. Even though we have bed linens and a mattress protector on our beds, mites and bacteria can still grow. Plus we’re constantly shedding dead skin and it’s collecting in our beds! Try this simple essential oil detox powder for your mattress. Each week when washing your bed linens, sprinkle this mixture on top of the bare mattress and let it sit for at least an hour, the longer the better. Vacuum up and dress your bed with freshly cleaned sheets, Your bed will have never felt or smelled better!

Mattress Detox
1/2 cup baking soda

10 drops tea tree essential oil
10 drops eucalyptus essential oil
10 drops peppermint essential oil
5 drops clove essential oil

Mix in a bowl and pour into a jar with a shaker top. (We use old 3 ounce spice jars). Sprinkle on bare mattress and let sit 1 to 24 hours. Vacuum up. 

7) Ceiling Vents & Registers. Our air returns are in our ceiling and tend to collect a lot of dust. It’s easy to take the vacuum for the easiest clean, also be sure to swap our those filters. This goes right along with chandelier chains and fan blades.

8) Washing Machine. After washing a load of laundry, especially if you have a front loading machine, be sure to wipe the inside rubber ring with a paper towel or rag. Moisture loves to collect in here and it can mold easily. If inside is pretty bad, grab a scrubbing brush, natural cleaner, gloves and go to work. Unfortunately, mold can stain the rubber ring, but at least stay on top of cleaning it from this point forward. No wants their clothes being washed in a dirty machine. 

We hope this helps you tackle those sneaky little places that love to collect dirt. Do you have any cleaning tips and tricks? We’d love to hear about them! 
Happy Cleaning!

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