Thursday, February 27, 2014


Trish and I  send each other photos of our crazy dogs, Stella & Miley. They are very similar and absolutely hilarious. 
The other day Trish sent this photo of Miley buried in what we call the ‘coma’ blanket a.k.a. Pottery Barn’s Grand Chenille Throw. You can literally wrap yourself up into a cocoon and you’re out! 
We then took a picture of Stella buried in our ‘coma’ blanket. Too bad these two pups are so far away from each other, why can’t Arizona and North Carolina be closer? 

Monday, February 17, 2014


Some days you just need to have chocolate for breakfast on the kitchen floor. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014


All week long we made fun crafts and yummy food to celebrate Valentine's day. 
We started on Wednesday but making our very own necklaces with ribbon and cut up paper straws. Kensi is all girl and loves wearing jewelry and making it was just as exciting for her. She enjoyed picking each straw piece from te pile, but did need some help feeding the ribbon through. Stringing is a great fine motor activity for little because it will help build the muscles in their hand that they'll use later for writing and drawing. 
Once we finished her necklace, she made one for Sully too! Trying to snap a photo is impossible, it’s always crummy with junk in the backgound!
On Thursday, Valentine's Eve, we made the softest no cook play dough. Just by mixing one part hair conditioner and two parts cornstarch, a few drop of food coloring and a whole bunch of glitter. This dough is very different from regular play dough and works well for squishing and using cookie cutters, but I wouldn't use this dough for building anything. It's so soft, the cornstarch almost gives it a melting element like oobleck, but without the messy runny consistency. 

We also started our dough for our cinnamon rolls that we gave out to our friends; we use Ree Drummonds' recipe with a maple flavored icing....we've been making this for a few years now and it's SOOO good. We make them for many of our holiday celebrations. 

After a long day of baking, we decided to bake a little more...we finished our night with homemade pizza. I used a linzer cookie cutter with a heart shape to cut three hearts out of every slice of pepperoni...don’t worry this is easy and quick by stacking a bunch of pepperoni together. You can  hammer them out in a cinch! 
One thing we always do if we really enjoy our food is ‘cheers’ it. We’ll ask Kensi if she likes din and if she does she gives us a happy food dance and a little cheers! {heart just exploded}

We hope all our readers had a fantastic Valentine’s Day....make sure to spread the love the month through!


Thursday, February 13, 2014


I know from here on out I will be keeping cauliflower in my fridge as a staple. Today as I was heating up our lunch {left overs from last night} I knew Kensi would eat up all the yummy rice so I decided to use up the cauliflower in the fridge and try out this whole roasting thing. 
I skimmed through a couple basic recipes just to get the general idea and whipped up my own version. I'm a sprinkler when it comes to spices, you know...a little of this and a little of that. 
We're down to the end of our groceries from our last shopping trip so I needed to be a little creative especially since we're nearly out of olive oil. 
After digging through our cabinets I found our Mexican Lime Olive Oil from the Queen Creek Olive Mill in Queen Creek, Arizona. Another staple in our house and yes we order it if we don't have a planned trip. Their oils and vinegars are out of this world and their shop will make your heart burst! 
A little salt, pepper, garlic powder, cumin and smoke paprika. Bake it at 400 degrees F for 20 minutes and BOOM! I think I could eat this for lunch every other day! 
Sorry Kensi babe, mom ate your vegetable for lunch today. 


Saturday, February 8, 2014


I can't tell you how many times I've seen DIY Crayons on Pinterest....too many to count. We had a cold rainy day today and decided to give it a try. It was a perfect activity for Kensi to do. We always have crayons on hand but they often break because she's little and has a strong grip so why not make her some fun shaped crayons that won't break as easily. 
We started by removing all the paper from our crayons, then sorted them by color. I used this heart shaped ice cube silicone mold from IKEA. Many craft stores carry these types of molds in a variety of shapes for every season and holiday. 
Fill each compartment with your crayons and bake them at 250 degrees F for 15 minutes. I love mixing different variations of one color to create a swirl. Like light and dark purple or yellow and neon green. Be sure to monitor the crayons as your oven may be different from mine. 
Remove from the oven and let them cool and solidify again. Remove each crayon from the mold and you're ready for drawing! 
These are great for party favors, valentines, back to school, holidays or even just a fun way to spruce up a Saturday.  

Happy Melting!

Saturday, February 1, 2014


I love decorating our home for each holiday. Here are some easy and quick DIY projects that are perfect for celebrating the day of love all month long.

Valentine Tree
I can’t take credit for this, this is all my sister. Create a Valentine tree using branches (from the craftstore), felt and ribbon. Simply cut heart shapes from your choice of colored felt, string twine or ribbon through to create a loop and hang on the branches. For added dimension, cut ribbon and tie around the branches.

Whimsical Magnets
Now that we have a toddler who loves to draw, we constantly have pictures to display on our refrigerator. Make adorable magnets with felt shapes and animals that are already done. Just hot glue a magnet to the back, add a little buffer to prevent scratching the door and voila! Super cute magnets that any little will love to use to display their artwork.

I found this set of six woodland animals ready to go with clothespins attached to the back. I added a small heavy duty magnet and felt pad to the back.

Washi Tape Bunting
You can find these all over Pinterest & Etsy if you haven’t seen any yet. This DIY tutorial below is from Gathering Beauty. Grab some twine or decorative yarn and your favorite washi tapes. Cut your desired length, wrap it around the yarn and trim your edges. So fun, creative and easy!
Make a long banner to display over a chalkboard or bulletin board or use as decorative gift wrap, a short one to display on a cake or attach to your valentines.

Confetti Stix
I pinned this about a week ago from Best Friends for Frosting {if you don’t already follow all their boards, start now, they’re amazing!} These are fun to add to your valentines or even have them for a Valentine party or brunch. Check out the whole tutorial here!

Need more ways to spruce up your Valentine decor? Try some of these ideas...
-Add paper straws to a mason jar
-Fill a small apothecary jar with red, white & pink candy
-Hang a tassel garland over a window
-Make a paper chain 
-Add red flowers to a vase
-Make cupcakes and add red & pink sprinkles
-Use heart shaped cookie cutters to dress up sandwiches, pancakes, pizza, pies & toast

Happy Decorating
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