Monday, January 26, 2015


WOW! I haven’t written a Fabulous Find post in months! That’s not to say I haven’t found great products, it’s just I’ve kinda been missing something called time. But what’s even funnier, I feel like I have more of it now, even with two does that make sense? Maybe because I’m making myself be way more organized than I have been this past year. 
Back to the point.....
When I first had Kensi I purchased and used a Baby K’Tan wrap for our outings and even to wear around the house. It worked well for me, but because you had to buy them in sizes my hubby could never use it because it was just way too tight. Even as Kensi grew I used it less and less. 
This time around I really wanted to try a body wrap and after reading the story behind Sollybaby Wraps I couldn't help but want to try her wrap and even give my business to a family like them. So I decided to order one a couple months before Finn arrived and you know it's already hard enough waiting for that due date because you so badly want to meet that little nugget growing inside you, well this just made it worse because not only was I dying to meet this baby, but now I wanted to carry this new baby in my cool, new looking, super soft baby wrap. I did try it with one of Kensi's baby dolls, but it just wasn't the same {giggle}. Shortly after we brought Finn home from the hospital I tried the wrap out and let me tell you, I've been intimated to try other wraps because of all the fabric and you have to lay this piece here and that piece over there and then if you pull this through that and tuck that over there....and criss cross here and here and then oh yeah swing that over your arm....this wrap was nothing like that, it was so stinkin easy. It took me two times to figure it out and it was just to learn how to tighten it more than anything. Finn absolutely loves being carried in it. Sure he likes to poke his head out, but he's not overly squished inside and we can adjust everything so easily. On top of all that, the material is really soft and breathable; you're not going to die from a sweat attack wearing it. The Hubster really likes it too, he's comfortable wearing Finn when we run errands and it's sexy when you see your hubby like that, I'm just sayin'! I will be ordering a second Solly Wrap just tap I have one for at home and one for the car. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


For months leading up to our due date, I was nervous how Kensi would adapt to Finn. She turned 2 over the summer and had definitely started showing signs of the 'terrible two' phase. We tried to do as much one on one time with her as we could, but again wondered if it was really the best thing to do because what if she expects that sort of attention even more? Like I said, I was nervous and pretty much expecting the worst. We had planned for lots of family to visit just after Finn was born to relieve any stress on me or Kensi. 
Now just over six weeks later, I don't even know where to begin. My world has been rocked in a way I never expected. Why does everyone warn you of all the hiccups that are expected, but never warn you about all amazing moments you're about to embark on? Sure, there are times when Kensi will ask me to put the baby down so I can dance with her around the baby toys and yes she can be very smothering when all she wants to do is look at him 2cm away from his face all the while trying to kiss and hug him, but most of the time she wants Finn to be part of everything she does.
She has surprised me in more ways than I can count since Finn’s arrival. She knows when I need help. She is so eager to get Finn's diapers and wipes for every change. She happily picks out his clothes in the morning. She loves setting up is toys on the blanket for him to look at. She even gets books that she can read and she actually reads to him! She soothes him by giving him his binkie, singing a song, telling him mommy is coming or gently rubbing his arms. They snuggle, smile and listen together. I have never seen a sibling bond like theirs.

Maybe it’s because she’s a girl, or maybe it’s just her personality, but whatever it is God has blessed us with an amazing daughter and big sister to Finn. I really don’t know how much more my heart can take, but I’m more than happy to find out.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


There are a lot of things I really love, collect and can admit obsessed with. Let's name a few, shall we? 
Anything small. Like really small, small enough to fit on my knick knack shelf talking small. 
Measuring spoons. I get all warm and fuzzy inside when shopping for measuring spoons especially from Anthropology. They turn it into an art form and its spectacular. And for one of my biggest obsessions...trim....more importantly, pom pom and tassel trim. I feel like I can always find a way and a place for pom poms: window curtains, table runners, blankets and stockings. This year I'm attempting to make our stockings for this coming Christmas {yep I'm already thinking about it}. I loved Anthropology's pom pom stocking this past year and plan on using them as inspiration. But aside from that, Kensi will also get a few adorn in her room that is still a work in progress. I swear it takes us  forever to finish something, meaning no her room is still not done. So ridiculous. This will be the year, yes it will. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

finn’s nursery find

I've never been one to decorate a room with a specific theme. I hate most things that come in character form and cringe at the thought of looking at it on the walls. My style consists of a color palette and texture. For Kensi's nursery we did white & gray with pops of pink. It was very simple and easy to change for her big girl room. {which still needs to be shared}

Lately, I've been drawn to a lot of dark blues and rustic features. We want to incorporate a lot of texture. We're using the same crib we used for Kensi, a white Jenny Lind; I absolutely love this crib style for either gender and it keeps a touch of vintage in the room; but this time finding a dresser was hard. We started searching our local antique stores this past summer and just recently found this handsome fellow at a consignment store.
It came with the mirror attached, but we removed it and hung it in our entryway instead. My parents were actually the ones to stumble upon this piece. Lucky for us to have fam that loves to shop antiques and know how to find good solid pieces of furniture. 
Lately we've been really surprised how many dressers have been revamped and marked up for a very pretty penny when the bones of the dresser aren't even that good. Many shops do this because most potential buyers have no idea what to look for and are sold simply on the look of a piece. 
Here are some of our tips to shop....

Shop with a purpose. Shopping antique or consignment stores can be very overwhelming. It's so important to go with a purpose. Know what your looking for or shop for a specific space. Once you narrowed your search results down, it won't seem like such a tedious task once you get there. 

Know good quality. There are many shops that raise the price just because they carry some true antiques. It's important to know what you're buying and what to look for in quality. For dressers or buffets look for dovetail joint by simply pulling open a drawer. A dovetail joint is when two boards are fastened together by several trapezoid shaped cuts. It takes more time and effort to create this detail and once it’s done it doesn’t require any other fasteners. If there is no dovetail work then it was assembled using nails or staples.  Don’t get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a piece made with nails/staples, it just means it doesn't have the craftsmanship quality and you should be aware of the quality of your piece before you agree on a price. 

Good things come to those who wait...sometimes. It can really pay off to wait and watch an item. Several shops in our area have three prices listed by date. The longer it sits, the lower the price. If a piece you're interested in has been sitting for quite some time, many shops will give a 50% discount off the original price. Which brings me to the next tip....

Negotiate. Don't be afraid to ask for a lower price. Shops usually have quite a bit of inventory and want their pieces to move in order to get new stuff in. Ask what the lowest price they'll take is if you agree to buy the piece that day. Also, If you continue to keep an eye on a piece and visit frequently, shops tend to negotiate more. 

Shop around. There are so many places to find furniture. Aside from antique and consignment {gently used and much newer} stores, check out auctions, estate sales, flea markets, Craigslist, garage sales and resale stores such as Habitat for Humanity. It's shocking what you can find once you open up your realm of stores. 

We found Finn's dresser and mirror combo for $160. It's vintage, solid oak {super heavy}, and has dovetails. A complete steal. And it only took us six months to find it ;)
We could spend every weekend rumaging through second hand stores. To some it may sound boring and an awful way to spend a Saturday, but you never know what you may find :) 

Happy Shopping on this beautiful Saturday! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015


This is really my first week back to our new normal routine or I should say creating a new normal routine. I can proudly say dinner has been home cooked every night so far this week, the dishwasher has been running on the regular and I've actually been able to get some workout in. Unfortanetly, we spent a couple days in our jams, the bathrooms are still waiting to be cleaned, the floors vacuumed and the laundry folded. Yes, Trish my laundry is still sitting on my bedroom floor in piles. At least I know it's clean.
A serious cuteness overload. These are literally going to make my heart burst. 
Speaking of laundry....more like clothes, Finnley is one big boy and growing by the second. I was seriously surprised that he even fit into any of the newborn clothes I had bought for Christmas. They didn't fit long, but we at least made it through A few weeks. Now it's the middle of January {6 weeks old} and he fits perfectly in his 0-3 month clothes. 
According to his last checkup his height is off the charts and I'm not at all surprised because his onesies are the things we're struggling with the most. This kid is going to be wearing 3-6 month size clothes {at least onesies} in a few weeks if he keeps this up! So much for trying to buy some winter clothes for next year, he'll probably be a size 2. SLOOOOW DOWN BUDDY!
On a very happy note little Finn man is 6 weeks old and I am actually wearing real jeans! No elastic waistband needed. It's amazing what an accomplishment it is to wear real clothes after baby. 
We also caught some of Finn's first smiles this week! What is it about ceiling fans and babies? Whatever it is, he thinks they're funny...apparently really funny :) 

Thursday, January 8, 2015


To be completely honest...I really thought I was going to have a girl and when this chunk of a boy came out I was shocked. I was completely thrown off and literally had my world flipped upside down. I remember thinking 'what the heck do I do, it's a boy.' But as soon as I cradled him in my arms he showed me our life wasn't meant to be filled with anything other than him. 
Finnley is one of the most smuggliest babies I have ever met. He just curls his legs up, tucks his hands in and nuzzles his head right into your chest. He loves to be patted on the back and enjoys looking around at everything. He's constantly taking people in and just listens so intently. The past couple weeks he has been spoiled by family and is constantly being held. 

{Month One Milestones}
-tons of dark hair-
-chunky rolls-
-eats, poops & sleeps-
-family visits-
-1st trip to the beach-
-1st christmas-

Kensi has been an awesome helper. She is very protective and doesn’t like anyone to touch, talk or even look at ‘my baby’. When we’re out and about I put her on Finn Duty...don’t let anyone touch him! I figure people will take it better coming from her rather than me, after all they’ll just brush it off as her being cute and protective when in reality I’m thinking ‘get your germs away from us!’

We’ve had a lot of talks about what Finn can and can’t do. Every morning Kensi comes into our room and asks if her baby is big enough to play in the bouncer. She drops her head in disappointment every time we tell her not yet and ask her what Finn can do right now. She responds with, "eats, seeps and poops. Oh and potty mom!” So now we’ve turned it into a song we sing to Finn and Kensi thinks it’s absolutely hilarious.

Friday, January 2, 2015


The last two weeks have been filled with shopping, baking, getting Christmas ready, family visiting and lots and lots of eating. It's been pretty awesome to be away from the computer and having Mike home; a real vacation from what we do day to day. 

We were so excited to welcome my sister Trish and her family from AZ to our home for the very first time. We spend Thanksgiving or Christmas every year together and since Finn's due date altered our typical plan for thanksgiving this year, they made sure to spend Christmas with us. We had the weirdest weather; days as high as 74 and other as low as 38. We took them to our favorite spots and also spent some time on the beach. 

We also rung in the New Year together. New Year's is my least favorite holiday, but It's my favorite holiday to celebrate at home with movies and good food. We spent the night sprawled out on the couch and floor, munching on popcorn and way too much sugar. Most of us even fell asleep before it hit midnight. 

To be honest i was happy to say goodbye to 2014. We had some pretty awesome things happen like Finnley, but it was a hard year. We faced some new challenges and I'm ready for a new start. We decided to make it completely fresh and new by welcoming the new year by watching its first sunrise. It was stunnin and cold, a chilly 30 degrees, but well worth it. 

It was actually really neat to see so many others greeting the first sunrise of the year. I kind of felt like I was part of the movie City of Angels where all the angels meet at the beach to watch the sunrise each morning. Although, there were a few people who were there because they were still up from their midnight celebrations and we can assume this based on their hilarious conversations. 
We know 2015 will be a great year for us and our families. For starters, both of my parents are here visiting us. BOTH! My dad hasn't taken a vacation in 18 years! And the best part about him being here is he was able to visit Trish and meet Finnley. I would have hated for them to have to wait until summer to meet. 

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