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Modern Vintage Nursery Design: Part 2

We have been busy, busy, busy, trying to get this nursery done! We still have small details that need to be addressed (of course there always is), but we're almost there! I thought I would share some of the pictures at the half way point. Bear with me, it has definitely been a work in progress! 

The Room
Like I mentioned in an earlier post, we decided to give Baby B his/her own room and I am SO thankful we did! There was absolutely NO WAY we could have done what we really wanted to do in our room. We took over my mom's sewing room, and let me tell you...there was four generations of fabric in there! I'm sure you can imagine that it literally took us a full week to go through all of it, but after sending 12 bags to donations and about 7 to trash we finally got it organized into labeled bins :0) 

Before & After!
Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the room before we started, but the pic on the left is after we got the fabric out, but then needed to tackle everything else inside. Just imagine, there were 6 pieces of furniture inside. Enough said.

 We removed wall paper and brown carpet that had been up/installed since my parents built this house....31 years ago!

So now that the room has been cleaned out, has fresh paint and new carpet (we are also going to install a ceiling fan/light---we'll see if that actually gets done before Baby B's arrival) it is finally ready to put the baby furniture inside. I am so excited.

The Furniture
We have had a little bit of bad timing or luck, call it whatever you will, on some of the pieces we wanted to put in Baby B's room. I am convinced that whenever I post something that we plan on getting for the baby whether it's on here, FB, Pinterest, etc it's out of stock or has officially been discontinued. This happened with our glider, stroller and I thought our hardware, but thank goodness I was wrong. I can't do anything but laugh about it. I guess there are a lot of people out there with the same great taste! :0)
Let's begin with the glider...We LOVE the style of the Luca glider but there was no way we could justify spending $1000 just for the glider. It is out of our price range. So we decided on the Lacey Klaussner glider at Babies R Us for $399 and the ottoman for $199. A bit more practical. Well a few weeks ago, we went to order it and it has been discontinued and all models are sold out practically everywhere! In our city we have only one BRU so we looked into surrounding cities or cities that we have family such luck. We immediately started searching for a similar glider and had to up our budget based on it. We have now bought the Babyletto Nara glider for $699 (which if you look for it now, is back ordered sometime between June-August at most stores). We did decide to hold off on the ottoman for a few months. Our glider arrived today, whew! However I am still a little disappointed that we didn't get the one we originally wanted. I really liked the straight lines more than the curvy, but I have to say I do love the Nara is very comfy and I can't wait to use it with Little Baby B!!!!
The one we originally wanted: Lacey Klaussner Glider & Ottoman

 The one we bought: Babyletto Nara Glider in Slate with Ecru Piping

Now for the dresser...the dresser was a steal to find in my parents barn. It did need TLC. When we brought it up to the garage the drawers were falling apart, there was no bottom and the spindle feet were either somewhat chopped off or a little chewed on. So gross. We sanded the whole dresser down, used wood filler for the splits and chews and also replaced all the feet with new spindles. Here's a few pictures so far.



New spindles for the feet!
Along with the nightstand, we sanded this little baby down. This took a little effort because the more difficult pieces had to be done by hand...which is not fun. It also has this cute little drawer that was lined with ugly red felt, I ripped it out and replaced it with a bold pattern paper. We were originally going to paint this white as well, but Mike thought we were going to have too much white going on in the room. So to be a little more creative we're painting it a similar color as the hardware that's being used on the main dresser. I say similar because although we chose the blue colored hardware over the green, the blue still has green in it and we are using more blues than greens. I can't wait to share the final pictures with all of you!!!



Mike and I agreed pretty early on that since we were not going to find out Baby B's gender that we would try and keep everything as neutral as possible, hence going forth with a white and gray color palette with accents of blues and pinks. We have definitely added some shades of blue (more aqua) to the room knowing it could go either way. I did share a few different fabrics that we chose for the baby that are being made into blankets and/or changing pad covers. I ordered all my fabric online from a few different places and they were a little more expensive than your average cotton that can be found at a Hancock Fabrics or JoAnn's Fabric store. Since the fabrics we chose were a little more expensive I was not about to just cut into them without making what I call a 'Mock Up.' For me to make a 'mock up' I actually did go to JoAnn's and bought cotton at about $3 per yard. I did this so I could play with my patterns and if I needed to take more fabric in or whatever I didn't feel bad screwing up the practice one. I did this for practically everything: changing pad cover, fitted sheet, and our blankets. Here's are the 'mock up' or practice pieces.

Fitted Sheet...I LOVE how our fitted sheets turned out! Mike thinks maybe I should open a shop up on Etsy...maybe! We'll see!

Changing Pad Cover...Pretty much exactly like the fitted sheet except for the dimensions.

This adorable flannel blanket was made by my mom. She makes these for everyone she knows that has a baby. Usually she will have some boy and girl ones made and then once the baby arrives, she embroiders them with the baby's name and birth date. She wanted to have one ready for us so I picked this as my 'boy' blanket.  We typically use basic receiving blankets and put them together to made one double thick blanket. This blanket was made with Carter's receiving blankets. It came with three prints: elephants, polka dots and stripes. I have always loved these because they keep your little babe warm and they are awesome for baby to lay on/play on. 

Flannel Blanket

Needless to say, we've been making these blankets for a very long time and don't need a 'mock up' blanket. I am making a cotton/minky blanket for Baby B and I am making a 'mock up' one of those.

Here's a panel blanket that I made for a very good friend of mine who is also expecting in just a couple weeks. She and her husband are having a boy and have decorated their nursery with the monkey/jungle theme. I came across this flannel panel a few months ago and had to snatch it up for her!

Like I've mentioned before, I'm fabric obsessed! I just have to have Mike keep me in check so I don't get too out of control.

Other Decor
In the last several months Mike and I have purchased a few other small pieces to help with organization. We've bought baskets, a container for toys and blankets, etc. I've also found some Google images that I really liked and I'm printing them to be framed. I've also designed some of my own prints using PhotoShop and I will also frame a couple of our maternity pictures that we had my dad take for us. We will share those soon with you too!

As for baby toys and books, well I'm working on a post all about great baby toys that Mike and I have found and love! I hope to post that within the next couple of days. Books...oh my goodness we have been receiving some awesome books from the book exchange that we participated in. We are so thankful to those that have followed through and have blessed our baby in that way. Baby B has a great little library started already! I can't wait to share the final photos with everyone.

Our little babe has continued to kick and punch a lot. Just the other night I had a little hand squished hand on my hip and a little foot up in my ribs, I joked to Mike that the baby was trying to do the 'star' yoga pose. We are getting SO close, I can't believe we only have 3 to 4 weeks (give or take) left until we get to finally meet our little one!

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