Friday, June 19, 2015

mini powder bath makeover

Our outdoor projects are somewhat finished, at least for this phase in the game so we decided to show some love inside. We started wth the powder bathroom. Remember when we moved in I mentioned we chose Sherwin Williams Functional Gray for the entire house?? Well the color isn't bad by any means but the finish is. The builder used a contractors grade flat paint and only did one coat. It's pretty bad. I hate flat paint. I only recommend using it for ceilings and that is it! It shows every smidge, smudge and fingerprint. But I'm sure I've ranted about this once or twice already. The bathroom was just dull and was in desperate need for love. Here's the before....

Totally excuse the toilet, especially up....this photo was from our final walk through...before we moved in. The black and white artwork was from our very first apartment and just wasn't doing it anymore. To me it was screaming 'I just graduated college, just got married, trying to furnish my first place and make it cute!' Over it! 

Here's where we're at now....
The only things we changed were the paint color and the artwork. We still need to frame out the mirror and add some shelves, but even this little bit has made a huge difference to us. I found the artwork clearanced out at Hobby Lobby and we used Sherwin Williams Web Gray in satin finish. Bye bye fingerprints....I can wipe you away now! 
Next stop...playroom. 

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