Tuesday, March 29, 2016

easter recipes

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend, full of fun and celebrating our awesome Savior. We celebrated with our traditional brunch and although it rained all day we took advantage and Kensi tested out her new rain boots and splashed in every puddle she could find. We ended up moving out egg hunt indoors, but the kids didn't blink an eye. It amazes me how I can easily get wrapped up in the presentation of the holiday and when it doesn't go as planned, like the weather, I'm forced to go with the flow of the day and sometimes just wing it. Most of the time, it turns out far better than I could have ever planned. 
This year we planned an easy Easter dinner, not something we've done in the past because of our emphasis on brunch and not having anyone to really share the holiday with, but each recipe was simple and delicious! 

Bacon Wrapped Aspargus Bundles
Lemon Mustard Potatoes with Arugula Salad
Almond Cake

Although the food was light and scrumptious, I was missing a fun spring cocktail, but instead made a killer mocktail. I eat grapefruit year round and often keep grapefruit juice stocked in the fridge. This mocktail has a few of my favorite things: grapefruit, rosemary & sparkling water. I like mine a little sweeter than the original recipe and added a little more rosemary simple syrup, but that's the fun of making mixed drinks, you can customize it to your liking! Cheers and Happy Spring! 

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