Friday, April 27, 2012


Like many of you out there, I have become addicted to Pinterest. I love the site and all its many many ideas that are shared! I have created a board on my Pinterest called The Sweet and The Salty follow the board to get more ideas! I am also addicted to Instagram, Mike got me hooked about a month or so ago. I love the fact you can instantly upload pictures, it's like insta-blogging!  Follow me there, rmbraden09.

 Sneak peek of more of Baby B's fabric for boy and girl! I have a serious fabric obsession. These will be made into blankets, changing covers and boppy covers!

Update on the nursery furniture...everything is sanded down and we are currently fixing the drawers so they open and close more smoothly, then all we need is our coats a paint and voila! We also decided to put baby B in his/her own room. We were I was getting a little concerned on spaced and decided to take over my mom's sewing room. It's a good thing we decided to do this because when we do move out my parents will now have a nice empty room that they could potentially turn into a walk in closet, which is ALWAYS NICE to have! We're just about done sorting through fabric and what not and we'll be able to put the furniture and the rest of Baby B's things inside! Nothing like down to the WIRE! But honestly, my family works best under pressure :)  

I also decided to purchase a few girl items and a few boy items for Baby B's newborn pictures. I found all of them on Etsy and I had to share my excitement because they are all just so cute and little!!!

Red, white & pink headbands---ElluraSage
Black, white, & red bloomers---Sweet Shop Bowtique
Baby Boy Knit Hat---CarolinaKnots

Baby B has been moving a ton lately and is making my belly look more like a torpedo :0) I have to admit, feeling this little guy or gal kick, roll, punch and turn inside me is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced!
FYI ruffles on a preggo belly make you look much bigger than you actually are! Also, has anyone else experienced this....I workout, but it seems like it does nothing! Seriously I feel like I'm getting more squishy even though I'm working out, it doesn't make sense! I'm just hoping it's water/fluids.

Getting closer! We are so EXCITED to meet our little peanut!

Mike and I also spent our Easter weekend taking a little mini baby-moon. It was SO relaxing and fun to just spend time together, shop and eat :) I highly recommend going away, even just for a weekend before your Little One arrives!

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