Monday, July 16, 2012


Wow, it's amazing little Kensi Cakes is 1 month old! It feels so weird to think how fast the time has gone, but it also feels like she's been with us forever. We frequently ask each other what were we doing without her before? So weird.

It is officially time to start posting baby activities and I'm so excited! All my fellow teachers back in Maryland may be laughing at me a little bit right now, I love lesson planning :) 

For the first month, the baby is really only eating, sleeping, pooping, eating, sleeping, peeing....then hit repeat 50 times. So as far as activities go for the really only have Tummy Time; and of course this should only be done while the baby is awake and when you can be the baby the ENTIRE TIME!

The following information is what we have done with our daughter. My husband and I are not doctors and are only sharing what has worked with us based on our pediatrician's recommendations. Please make sure you talk to your child's pediatrician first or if you have questions or concerns!

So, what is tummy time?
 Tummy time is the time when babies lay on their tummies and play. You can do this a few different ways. 
  • Baby lays on a blanket on a cushioned floor
  • Baby is help upright
  • Baby lays on your chest
  • Baby lays with arms over a nursing pillow

Why is tummy time important?
  1. Allows them to lift and turn their heads and build their muscles in their upper back and neck, which they will use later when rolling over and sitting up.
  2. Helps prevent babies from developing the flat spot on the back of their heads. This is mostly attributed to babies being on their backs for too much of the day.

How long should tummy time last?  
(Always talk to your pediatrician first!!!)
Kensi LOVES her tummy time. We started her the first week with only 30 - 60 seconds at a given time, multiple times throughout the day. After the first week, we slowly built it up by adding an extra 30 - 60 second or so every few days. She is up to about 5-10 minutes, but we are sitting with her the entire time and if she begins to get frustrated or keeps burying her face into the floor, we stop and turn her back on her back. We also will hold her upright on our shoulder (as if burping her) to allow her a different position to build her little neck muscles. 

How can I make it fun?
Don't be afraid to lay down with your baby and interact with them. They love watching, touching and hearing you. Make silly faces, goofy noises, sing songs or read a book. Introduce some brightly colored toys.
The past few days, I've placed some of her soft toys around her and she has started to try and touch/grab them. She loves her toys and it keeps her busy. Right now her favorite soft toys are Mr. Bug and Poofi (both Zolo by Kushies and bought on Amazon).

What do your babies love to do during their tummy time? What has worked best for you?

And with absolutely nothing to do with Tummy Time, but here's our Little Miss in her bouncer making the most adorable faces!

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