Thursday, May 1, 2014


I'm so excited, I can't even hold it in!!!! For weeks I struggled with a fabric and a color pallet for Kensington's big girl room. There were several prints I liked, but it just didn't feel right and I could not make a decision. I did find myself frequently going back to the color purple and Land of Nod's purple Poppy sheets. I knew I was in love with this print after realizing how often I kept visiting the page. 

But then I struggled with a whole new issue....if I have patterned sheets how am I going to design her quilt that I really wanted to make for her? I was sitting watching tv while Kensi napped when it hit me. I knew I had a genius idea or I was really losing my mind over all this pattern and color debate. Why not make her quilt from the sheets? To ensure I wasn't completely crazy I ran my idea by my mom and she confirmed was a great idea! The sheet set includes a flat, a fitted and a case which is perfect. After all, using one flat sheet allows the perfect size for her bed and it keeps me from having to piece different fabric pieces together. All I had to do was find a fabric to put on the back and quilt away. I'm not touching the fitted sheet which gives us an extra sheet when needed. 

Not only did we finally find a fabric we LOVE {Kensi loves it too!}, it keeps the style and look we're going for! {Now we just have to wait for them to be shipped, if anything keeps them from getting into my hands I'm going to be devastated!}

Waiting to find things is so hard to do, but man it is sweet once you find it. Just another reminder to never settle or jump before you know it's true love.

Happy Friday!

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