Monday, May 26, 2014


We kicked off our weekend on Thursday with meeting Mike for lunch down in Southport. We've started to do this once a week since the weather is so beautiful. We love sitting down by the pier where there is a large lawn lined with benches and porch swings. It's so relaxing and has a perfect view of the ocean. 
Mike was so excited to get a few more toys tools. Kensi really enjoys it too. She loves helping Dada put things together and often leaves her toys behind just to be a helper. 
Lately Kensi has freaked out every time she sees a bug, whether it's inside or out. She hates them! When she saw this little green insect clinging to our window it was nothing less than a complete spaz attack. We captured it and let her explore the big through a jar which seemed to help. Her favorite part though....helping Dada take it back outside to the woods :)
We spent a couple different days over the weekend at the pool. Kensi loves going into the big pool and jumping off the edge in our arms. She's learning to count and always starts by saying 'unnnnnn!' {one} She's also been fighting her naps all weekend and we were so excited she crashed out even if it was at the pool. 
We spent Monday evening with our neighbors and enjoyed a block party. We really lucked out with our neighborhood, we have some of the best neighbors, seriously. There are so many kids that love on our street, it often feels like home with all the noise and people running around. We really couldn't ask for anything more. 
We had a great weekend celebrating all that our service men and woman do. We are so grateful for their dedication that allows us to spend a great weekend with friends and our little family. We wish thank you for a big enough word for everything they do. 
We hope all our readers had a wonderful weekend as well and I know for many we can officially say 'Happy Suuuummmmmerrrrr!' 

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