Tuesday, July 7, 2015

babes gonna play

When we first moved into our house we immediately turned the designated dining room into a playroom for the first level. We didn't have a lot of toys and were able to get away with a couple baskets and a cubby shelf from IKEA to store everything. We also turned the largest wall into a chalkboard. 
Fast forward one year and we've added a play table, some hand me down toys like my crib and a new kitchen. Not to mention all the weird small stuff kiddos tend to accumulate every week that you really have no idea where it came from. 
We are in desperate need for more storage and organization. It's definitely safe to say this is a hot mess most days. 

Before we can start working on anything in our house, I have to draw it out on paper just so I can actually see it. I'm a visual person and I always, always, always draw my ideas out before hand. 
One of the most needed things for this space is organization. I started designing this spaced based on what items we had that didn't have a home yet. Like our vintage Fisher Price house, abacus and art supplies. We wanted to keep at least part of the chalkboard wall but instead we’re opting for making one that can be hung and moved around to fit our needs.
As for color and character, we want to keep the actual room fresh and clean and allow the toys and fabrics to be the center of attention. I love stripes and you can usually find some form of stripe in every room of the house. I’ve been itching to do some stripes on the wall and opted to try it out in here. Here’s a little more progress...
We also needed to do this on a budget; a lot of our designs are based on DIY and items we already have on hand. So here comes our design board for the room. Full of color in all the right places and creating a place for the kidlits to explore and create!

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