Thursday, July 2, 2015

the past couple months

I am exhausted from working on our outdoor projects. Absolutely exhausted. Neither Mike or I want to do anything else outdoors for the next month. We've spent all our time in the backyard turning our dirt into a livable and useable space. We are very happy with the progress that we've made and we actually laugh at each other's excitement over what most people would call a normal backyard. 

Back in April we had the back grated out. When we first moved in the builder would only grate the first half of the backyard and lay seed. It was pathetic. When the guys came to 'spray' our seed it was raining. Do you think any of it stuck? Nope! Not even a little bit! Hence why we've been living with dirt and sand for the last year and a half. So sad. 
 So when Kensi and I saw all of this wonderfulness happening out the back window we were jumping with excitement! 
Once the back was all grated and somewhat cleaned up from all the tree roots, Mike and I started our projects of building garden beds and putting in our own irrigation system. Yes we did the sprinkler system ourselves, some neighbors thought we had really gone bat-sh** crazy especially once they saw Mike digging the trenches and me laying all the PVC pipe. Little do they know my dad is plumber back in Nebraska and and Mike dug ditches for him. 

#plumbersdaughter #soilrelocationengineer
We ended up saving hundreds of dollars doing it ourselves and the sense of accomplishment was unreal. But more than anything, we were so excited that Kensi was able to witness hard work and that you really can do anything yourselves. 
For weeks leading up to this Kens was constantly asking when we could begin setting up her playhouse. We bought a set this year it was sitting in our garage making everything smell like cedar. It only took us two weekends to assemble everything and then another to add the sod and mulch. In between all of our work, we had a fence installed....HELLO PRIVACY!
We still have more plans, but at least we have a yard, with grass and I don't have to deal with dirt being tracked in every time we go outside. Now if we can just get some cooler summer nights and we can really enjoy it. 

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