Wednesday, October 5, 2016

fall bucket list

Our fall bucket list doesn’t change too much from year to year as our kids are still little. We do get to add a couple new activities as Kensi becomes bigger and other activities carry a new meaning for her because she can be more involved. Such as making our homemade apple sauce; this year Kensi was able to help cut the apples with me. A new skill that she was so excited to learn!
Several of our activities will be knocked out with our first family trip. I know it may be surprising to some, but we’ve always either traveled with family or to see family and this trip will be just us, on our own, doing our own thing and we are SO excited! Living on the coast makes for a weird October as it’s relatively still warm, so taking a trip up to the mountains is just what we need! Bonus, we get to see the gorgeous fall leaves changing color and wear sweaters + boots, something we so badly miss being from the midwest.

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