Wednesday, November 2, 2016

first + second month favorites

Wow, this post is officially overdue and I almost thought it would simply get thrown out. Trying to raise three awesome babes, own housework and rock this wife thing is crazy hard work! I’m barely surviving most days and can’t wait to lay in my comfy bed at night that’s now always surrounded by every single piece of clean laundry. However, aside from my duties of mom and wife, I also feel I have a duty to share items and products that have helped me and Mike get through each day with fellow parents. I’ve seen other bloggers do these same posts and I’ve always found them helpful, but each year products change and new ones are introduced. Even for us, some of the products we found ourselves using with Kensi are different today with Olivia. So here are our first and second month favorites. We hope they can help you along this incredible journey of parenthood and make the daily tasks a little easier.

 Bralettes | I love wearing barlettes instead of nursing bras these days. They’re super comfy, stretchy, pretty and easy on the budget. I also love the huge variety carried by several different stores with various straps that make it easy to wear under almost anything.

Knotted Sleep Sacks | We love sleep sacks for our baby. They keep those little legs and toes tucked inside for warmth and they’re fairly easy to put on as they go from the bottom up.

Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads | I wish I had these with Kensi and Finn. I’ve always used the disposable nursing pads and hated them because they often made noise in my shirt and weren’t soft against my skin. The owner of the boutique where I bought mine said these nursing pads are cashmere for nipples, she’s totally right! These washable nursing pads are so soft and easy to keep track of based on the bright colors (but don’t show through). Also, washing these are much easier than I ever anticipated.

Natursutton Pacifier + Wubbanub Pacifier | Not all babies take pacifiers, but Olivia loves hers. We keep a few on hand including the Natursutton which has a larger nipple and it’s easy for her to keep in her mouth. We also like the WubbaNub especially at night because it’s easy to find and she can snuggle it.

Little Unicorn Muslin Quilt | I’ve always wanted muslin quilts for our babies and finally broke down and bought one. Yes, they can seem a little pricey, but they’re SO COZY! They’re perfect for tummy time and our evening walks when it’s cool. Now if I could just find one large enough for myself, I’d be all set.

Young Living Essential Oil Gentle Baby | I love this oil for massaging our babes. It can be used during pregnancy and also during delivery. It’s relaxing and promotes bonding. It also helps the appearance and prevention of stretch marks. 

One of our most valued and essential item is a big sister. Kensi is seriously the biggest helper of all time and we really don’t know what we would do without her. Her desire of serving and love of babies is not only beautiful, it’s life saving. Whenever Olivia begins to cry Kensi comes rushing from whichever corner of the house and at the stop of her lungs shouting “BINKY, BINKY, BINKY!!!! I’M COMING BABY GIRLLLLLLL!” She is the sweetest big sister we could have hoped for!

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