Monday, June 26, 2017

Rainbow Painting Party

Kensi’s birthday party was so much fun to plan. For a few months leading up to her birthday she changed her mind about the party theme approximately six times, and that may be an understatement. We finally settled on a rainbow themed painting party, combining her love of all things art and rainbows. We dove into Pinterest to get some inspiration and she adored all the rainbow balloon arches, so we knew that was a must have. I’m so happy Kensi takes part in party planning with me, because it’s so neat to see her personality shine through with each birthday party we plan. Mike and I were in complete rush mode Saturday morning trying to get everything today and failed to photograph the details like we wanted. However, we kept everything simple as we always try to do and the party was a total hit!

I purchased nearly all our party decor and favors from my favorite go to party shop, Sweet LuLu and the remaining items came from Target and Hobby Lobby. Keeping it simple is always key, it’s very easy for me to get carried away with too much stuff and it becomes overwhelming and cluttered. 

The painting part of the party turned out well! We invited siblings so we anticipated the young ones to paint, but they didn’t. All the little boys ended up running around and playing with cars. I purchased 10x10 sized canvas' for the girls and supplied a variety of fun + pretty paints. I love the selection of paints from the art aisle at Target, but they are acrylic, so we provided everyone with a shirt to wear over their clothes in case they got messy. The best part of this theme was seeing each of the girls’ creativity come to life on their canvas. A couple girls were inspired by the rainbow ballon arch and painted their own rainbows, whereas others created their own Picasso and another a true art abstract that included a door. It’s rare anymore for kids to truly be able to create something completely theirs, in their own free space. It was pretty neat to watch. 

For food, we kept everything small and fun with mini chicken & waffles drizzled with syrup, mini wrapped corndogs, layered fruit cups and cake. The kids sipped on lemonade and I completely forget to pull out the popsicles. All the kids enjoyed their munchies and it really couldn’t have been more simple.

Kensi had an absolute blast celebrating her birthday with her closest friends. Everyone played inside and outside regardless of the heat. Unfortunately,  one of the kids endured a wasp sting, but luckily we were able to treat her immediately and after a little bit she was able to join back in on the fun. We are so grateful for the community of friends we’ve been able to be a part of through our kids. They are some of the most caring and kind families we’ve ever come across and we know our kids are forever blessed to have them celebrate all their big celebrations.

Scroll down for the simple recipes and sources!

Chicken & Waffles
Mini Toaster Waffles
Baked Popcorn Chicken

Sandwich one popcorn chicken, between two mini waffles. Hold together with a toothpick and drizzle with favorite syrup or honey.

Mini Corndogs
All Beef Hotdogs, sliced into 8 rounds
1 package Crescent Rolls, seams pressed together, then sliced 8 ways in each direction, making 64 pieces. 

Wrap a crescent roll piece around a mini hotdog slice. Press ends together and bake at 350 F for eight to nine minutes. Serve with favorite hotdog toppings.

Canvas' | Hobby Lobby
Paints | Target
Brushes | Hobby Lobby
Sprinkles | Shop Sweet Lulu
Balloons | Shop Sweet Lulu
Cups + Paper Straws | Shop Sweet Lulu
Pencil Set Favors | Shop Sweet Lulu
Rock Candy | Local, but can be found HERE.

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