Friday, June 30, 2017

Watermelon 5 Ways

Summertime calls for lots of water play, sunshine and at our house, lots of watermelon. I love keeping it on hand for an easy, healthy go to snack when the kids need to hydrate from all the outside time in the heat. Slicing it up into triangles is the easiest, but also the messiest. Kensi loves putting it on a popsicle stick and Finn loves it in a drinkable form more than anything. To me, watermelon is the most iconic summer food and goes so well with BBQ’s, poolside or around a campfire.

Frozen Watermelon Coolers | Finn is king of smoothies, juices and all things drinkable. Sometimes he isn’t enthused to eat a regular slice of watermelon, but he’s always excited to have it blended. I love putting it into our electric ice cream maker and blending it just until become slushy. It’s perfect for hot summer days. We also enjoy adding lemonade, check out our recipe from last year HERE.

Watermelon Pizza | The kids love dressing up large watermelon slices with shredded coconut, sliced almonds + blueberries and drizzling it with honey. It’s a super sweet way to make dessert into a healthy summertime treat for everyone! 

Watermelon Mojitos | Mike and I love a good margarita, but sometimes they can be too sweet, so our go to summer cocktail is the mojito. We love the juicy flavor of the watermelon paired with the freshness of the mint, straight from our garden! We particularly love recipes without all the watermelon pulp, getting it stuck in a straw is no fun and who really wants to see you slurping pieces out of a glass? We tried a few different recipes and tweaked things to create our perfect watermelon mojito. These go down so easily, but we hope you try it and enjoy it as much as we do!

Makes 4 drinks...
In a saucepan on low heat make a watermelon syrup by adding 1-1/4  cups watermelon cubes, 1/4 cup agave nectar, 1/2  cup mint leaves and the juice of 4 limes. Muddle with a wooden spoon until mixture is combined well and warmed through. Remove from heat, let cool and strain. 

To make the mojito, place 4 mint leaves in the bottom of each glass and muddle to release oils. Then, to each glass add 2oz watermelon syrup, 2oz Rum and 2 to 3oz Club Soda. Stir, add ice and garnish with watermelon slice and mint leaves.

Watermelon Fruit Leather | We attempted to make fruit leather for the first time a couple weeks ago and our first batch was a huge fail! I made it on parchment paper and it was just a mess. I have yet to try again using a silicone baking mat and hoping it will turn out better. Aside from the parchment paper, my other struggle was how much water makes up watermelon and I didn’t add any sugar. #momfail  So after reading other recipes I recommend 1 cup of sugar for every 10 cups of cubed watermelon. I’ve always wanted to make it with the kids, but always felt intimidated and my first batch was a reason as to why. Nonetheless, the kids had a blast helping blend everything in the food processor and we can’t wait to try again!

Watermelon Sparklers | These are perfect for celebrating all three of our summer holidays (Memorial Day, Independence Day & Labor Day) and all summer long. The kids love when we cut our food into fun shapes and these sparklers are so festive! Start by skewering blueberries on a wooden skewer. Use a star cookie cutter and cut our of a slice of watermelon and place on top of skewer over the blueberries. Two of the kids’ favorite fruits put together is always a win for our family.

Hoping you try some of these fun recipes this upcoming holiday week!

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