Sunday, June 17, 2012


And it's a GIRL!!!! On Monday, June 11, Mike and I welcomed our gorgeous little daughter, Kensington Marie. She was born with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes just like her daddy. I'm sure they'll change in the coming months, however we are so in love with this little beauty and couldn't be more excited to finally have her here with us!
So sorry to all of you that it took nearly a week to get the last two posts up, we have been just a tad busy ;)


 Our little angel has completely stolen and melted our hearts! We feel so blessed to have a very happy and healthy baby!

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  1. WELCOME KENSI!!! :)

    I am so happy you are finally here and I can already see how happy you've made mommy and daddy and how much love and happiness you have filled their hearts with <3


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