Wednesday, June 27, 2012


We are so in love with our little Kensington! She is the wiggliest, most stretchy and archy little thing I've seen. Whenever she's done eating, waking up from a nap, burping or just simply stretching her little body, she raises her eye brows and creates a wrinkly little forehead. We call this her waffle face and it completely melts our hearts! She also loves to make the sweetest girly noises and lets out a little scream almost every time she stinkin' CUTE!

Kensi is a very happy baby so far. We love cuddling with her so much!

She also has been spoiled from friends and family with blankets and clothes. I adore this tie-dye onesie a co-worker of Mike's gave to us! I put it on her as much as possible because it is a newborn size and she will outgrow it so soon. 

We are in complete awe of how much she has changed in just 2 1/2 short weeks. I started taking her picture every Monday to document her growth and all the small changes that take place from week to week. I've seen so many people begin to document their baby's growth by putting them in the same outfit and snapping a picture once a month. You can do this by buying an inexpensive sleeper or onesie in multiple sizes in order for them to wear the same outfit for about a year or you can also buy the onesie stickers that state each month. Here's a couple links of some shops that sell them on Etsy.


The past month has been ridiculously busy! In the past couple of weeks we've celebrated our 3rd anniversary (in the hospital), Grandma's birthday and Mike's 1st Father's Day. He was SO excited, it was too cute. He picked out Kensi's outfit and of course we had to add a bow from ElluraSage. We made our 1st weekend coffee run with the babe and made a delicious breakfast at home. Mike spent so much time with Kensi this day, it was truly adorable and he is so proud to be her daddy. 

Hospital Bag...
I told all of you I would list any changes to my hospital bag after labor and delivery, so here I go. First of all I have updated the original Hospital Bag list. Second, I used pretty much everything I packed for us. The only thing I would pack more lightly on for next time, is the baby. We didn't use 2-3 outfits/onesies. We used one (this didn't include her going home outfit). I loved having my swaddle blanket and I'm so glad we packed newborn size diapers because she was under 8lbs and the size 1 diapers provided to us by the hospital worked, but were a little too big for her. 
The hospital also provided me with underwear and to be honest, I thought they were super comfortable. They even sent me home with a few extras which I was thrilled about.

The First Couple of Weeks with Baby...
Clothing Sizes - We were really expecting Kensi to be bigger when she was born and we didn't buy very many newborn sized outfits, which we needed. But now even after 2 1/2 weeks and well over 8lbs some of her newborn clothes that we did go out and buy fit her much better than the 0-3 month sizes depending on the brand. We've found the Gerber brand to shrink up way too much and the Gap and Carter brands to work great!!!! Also, since it is summer, Kensi rarely sleeps in sleeper with covered feet. Instead we've been putting her in a basic onesie and swaddling her at night and it's worked great. She actually LOVES to just be in her diaper and we let her do that quite often especially during her feedings.
Breastfeeding/Bottles - If you choose to breastfeed, BUY A PUMP! We are choosing to breastfeed her and it has worked very well so far. I am pumping once a night to build a supply and to allow Mike to feed her. We introduced her to a bottle this past weekend; we used one of the Medela bottles and an Avent bottle....Medela worked great and the Avent leaked EVERYWHERE!!!!!! Needless to say, we will not be using those anymore. Luckily, we didn't register for those (we registered for the BornFree--I can't wait for our shower next month to hopefully get some more). 
Snacks/Meals - Last little tip for the mommies to aware after your baby is born, eating and sitting (especially at the same time) is non-existent when you still need to do laundry, make dinner, etc. Try and have healthy go to snacks and meals ready to go. Empty calories will only hurt you later. We bought single serving bottles of Naked Juice in a 12 pack from Costco. They are awesome to have on hand, they're cheaper to buy this way than from the regular grocery store and BONUS...because they are single serving, they are very little and great for sensory bottles! We've also been hitting up the local Farmer's Markets on Saturday mornings and keep nuts, veggies, fruits and cheeses all on hand for easy healthy snacks. What's a better way to eat healthy, lose the baby weight and support your local farmers? A total win-win-win!

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  1. I so enjoy reading all of your Kensi updates, it makes me feel like you're still so close by! She's such an adorable little lady who's growing so quickly...keep enjoying all of these precious little moments! :)

    I noticed the same exact thing with clothing sizes for Blake. The Carter's brand is very true to size and we weren't prepared with nearly enough newborn sized clothing...I guess I assumed he was going to come out so much bigger! For future babies I will definitely make sure to have a good stock of newborn sized outfits even though everyone always buys you 0-3 months because "they outgrow the newborn stuff so quick"...well, they can't be naked the whole first few weeks of life so it's worth it, lol.

    We were also glad to have the newborn sized diapers because the size 1 diapers in the hospital were rather big and we had to fold them down because of the umbilical cord so it was nice to have the newborn ones with the built in cut out for the cord. However (and maybe this only applies for little boys), we found that Blake would constantly pee through his diapers because that awesome little cut out for the cord also allowed pee-pee to travel up and around to his back. So, once the cord fell off we began using the size 1 diapers and our problem of having to change about 10 outfits throughout the day due to pee-pee issues was solved.

    I personally used hardly anything from my hospital bag (John used most of his items and Blake only used his going home outfit and a pacifier) but this could have been due to the fact that I had an unexpected c-section. I wasn't able to get out of bed for 2 days which meant no showers for me, couldn't change my clothes, freshen up, pee on my own, etc. The only things I did use was on the day we were allowed to go home and those were just toiletry items for that morning and one outfit to go home in...definitely not anywhere near the amount of items I packed. We also never used any of the movies or books we packed but did find out laptops to be super helpful and entertaining.

    I completely agree on the snacks and meals comment, there is absolutely no time to really cook a meal and sit down to eat it...portable snacks are awesome! Even though it's the middle of summer I could totally go for some of your famous pumpkin bars right about now...that would make for a great portable snack, hehe ;)

    Miss you and enjoy reading all of your updates on your little family and seeing all of the growing pics of Kensi!!!


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