Sunday, June 17, 2012


It is finally June...Baby B's birth month! I can't believe it's already here and frankly even more scared/anxious about what's to come!
We are so excited to share our maternity pictures with you! We found some very cute ideas through Pinterest (shocker!) that we were inspired by. We definitely wanted to document this very exciting time in our life and instead of going through an expensive photographer, we asked my (Rach's) dad if he would like to do it for us; he graciously took us up on it and used their yard/outdoor space for all of the pictures and we split them up between two days. Unfortunately, the weather in the good ol' midwest was giving us quite a bit of rain and wind, so it took about a week to finally get all the pictures we wanted on that second day. We are placing some of the framed pictures in Baby B's room and in our room. 

Here they are...

Love :)

One of our favorites!!! Yes, I was still rockin' heels up to 37.5 weeks! 

We love how our maternity pictures turned out and can't wait to have Baby B's pictures done within in the first couple of weeks. We decided to go somewhere for these because of the specific type of pictures we wanted. We will make sure to share those with you as well!

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