Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Last week, Mike, Kensi and I, took a little trip up to Minneapolis, MN. This was our first trip we've been completely on our own since Kensi arrived in June. Sure we've gone to Kansas City, but we were very fortunate to have a very close family friend living there whom we stayed with. Now this last little trip to Minnesota was a WHOLE different story!

Kensi helping me (un)fold laundry as we were trying to pack.

Road trip breakfast...Thank you Starbucks.

Morning snuggles.

Good morning.

Let me tell you, we were somewhat... scratch that....we were NOWHERE NEAR as prepared as we should have been! Let's begin.... I completely underestimated a 5 1/2 hour driving trip with a 3 month in the following ways....

1. I forgot to pack a cooler for drinks, snacks and wait for it....breastmilk.
2. Never thought about the hours upon hours Kensi would have to be in her carseat...even when we shopped at MOA and Ikea because her carseat latched into the stroller....she was not happy.
3. Never brought the canopy for the stroller as a backup option.
4. Forgot to bring our Baby K'Tan wrap.....major NO NO!
5. Kensi's bath supplies. Although we were fine and didn't need any of it, it would have been nice to have in case one her explosions took place.

Things I actually did right....that I will do for every trip from here on out....
1. Packed each of Kensi's outfits in their own Ziplock bag for each day. Saw this on Pinterest and it keeps everything much more organized. This consisted of socks, outfit, extra outfit & jammies and then labeled as Day 1, Day 2, etc.
2. Breast pump....I pumped in the car and fed her the bottle.....avoided extra stops which was a big plus.
3. Packed Medela Steam bags for cleaning all the breast pump & bottle parts.....HUGE LIFESAVER!!!!

Now we had a great trip, don't get me wrong. I loved spending the time with Mike and Kensi and can't wait for our next mini vacay....but if I had actually noticed the things I was missing before-hand, our trip would have been a bit easier and even more relaxing....I'm just thankful I realized this on a mini weekend trip and not our week-long trip to California in November...phew!

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