Wednesday, September 12, 2012


While we were designing our baby nursery, we knew we wanted to have framed art on the walls. You only need so many pictures of your baby up to begin with and although there are darling art prints out there you can buy, some of them can be a little pricey. So in order to fill some of our frames, we hit up our local craft store. 

 You know there are dozens of different scrapbook papers that so many stores offer. We found some adorable paper that we felt fit our nursery design well. 

Use a mat and rotary cutter to cut the paper to the size needed for your frame and BOOM...beautiful and inexpensive artwork!

You can also personalize it to fit your needs as well. Here we used a black permanent marker to write in her name and birthdate. Simple. 

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  1. AHHHH so clever and seriously so simple! I'll now be searching Michael's for scrapbook paper...thanks for the awesome idea! :)


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