Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I debated a lot about what "theme" I wanted to use for Kensi's first birthday. I had to consider 1) we're celebrating at my parents house which has a pool 2) it's a summer birthday 3) we don't really know where we'll be for her 2nd birthday, living wise since who knows if we'll be moving in the next year or not. I'm not much of a character or theme-y kind of person but I love the idea of doing an Olivia party. I also love the idea of a strawberry theme, seriously how cute would that be??? Or ladybug inspired....there are so many ideas, but I had to remind myself that she will have many more birthdays that I get to plan for her. So with it being summer and being around family and having a pool available we're doing a bubbly, girly pink birthday party.
Kensi loves bubbles so I used that as my starting point. I will definitly post pictures of her party, but that won't be until June. However, for all the birthday party planners out there, here is my inspiration board.

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  1. I love love love this! The layered cake looks so YUMMY! And that ice cream bar and the chalkboard looks so awesome! I have to do something like that for my little guys b-day!


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