Friday, June 7, 2013


Kensi's birthday is next week and we can't have a girly pink party without a fluffy pink tutu that she'll be pairing with her hot pink swimsuit. 
I love etsy to death and back, but every mama needs to know how to make a tutu. Tulle cost $1.99-3.99 per yard, so they're very inexpensive to make. You also don't need a sewing machine to make one. If you choose elastic as your waist band then yes you need to see the ends together (measure your little's waist and make it about 1-2 inches smaller depending on how much stretch you want and sew it together), but you can also make the waist band from ribbon and simply tie it around your child's waist. Easy-peasey! 
The best part of making a tutu, literally anything goes. Feel free to add ribbon, silk flowers or any other embellishments. 

*when trimming your tulle, ribbon, etc make all the ends even more adorable with pointed, v'd or angled points. 

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