Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I started making a design board to share, but to be honest I was exhausted, the sun is finally here and I refuse to spend more time inside than I have to, but I still wanted to share some of our favorites for summer. There are so many many things I love about summer. Since living on the east coast, in blue crab country, we fell head over heels {we seem to do that a lot} in love with the crab cake. And it's not just any crabcake....we've tried quite a few different cakes from several different 'known for their crabcake' restaurants and dives. There's only one that makes our hearts melt into goo and it's the famous crab cake from Faidley's seafood in the Lexington Market in Baltimore. We were so happy when we found a copy cat recipe online, but of course we made a few slight changes. 
Our families and friends think these cakes are seriously the best things on earth. We made them for Kensi's first birthday, and you can only imagine how many we had to make just so everyone could try one. There were none left by the end, not one!

Another favorite of mine inparticular is Izze Sparkling Juice. It's a blend of juice and sparkling water, which is perfect for kidlits and those who don't want alcohol. It does have quite a bit of sugar because of the added juice, but it definitely beats pop! We also served these at the party and they were a huge hit with the kids and my dad. 

Homemade malts and ice cream. I am a huge sucker for anything with ice cream especially in the summer. I bought a Cuisinart ice cream maker a few years ago and I make ice cream very frequently. They mke it so easy to do now, no hand cranking, although that is fun to do when you have a quite a few people, then you can take turns. Some of our favorites we make are coffee and strawberry. 

Rompers for baby. I’ve always loved rompers on kidlits and I’ve found some very cute ones from Janie and Jack this year. To get a photo of Kensi in it is nearly impossible. She’s constantly on the move. I love the one she’s wearing for Independence day this year, red with red and white trim and it’s a halter top, can they make kidlit clothes any cuter? 

I feel like this summer is already flying by! Can it please slow down so we can enjoy a little more time with friends and family???

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