Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Yesterday we needed a little project to brighten up our day. I bought some clear glass Christmas bulbs from the craft store over the weekend with the intention to fill them with glitter. But when I was rummaging through some of our craft stash I found some colored Pom poms I used before for Kensi's sensory bottles. I felt like I scored the jackpot because Kensi could easily fill her own little ornament.
I was a little nervous about these being glass, especially in the hands of a toddler, but she did so well! We only dropped and broke one....a success in our house! And bonus...she was entertained with this activity for an hour! 

We ended up making some for Christmas gifts for grandparents and her godparents. We added the year and her initials. To finish them we added a bright green satin ribbon to make it easier to hang from the tree. 
She was so proud of the ornaments she made! She showed them off to daddy when he came home last night and even Skyped grandma back in Nebraska to show her. 

Clear Glass Bulbs
Colored Pom-Poms
Satin Ribbon


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