Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Back in high school and college I worked for Hallmark Cards. It was hard not to get excited when the Christmas products came out each year. One that I thought was super cute and fun was Magical Reindeer Food; kids sprinkle it out on the yard on Christmas Eve to feed Santa's reindeer and make sure they didn't skip your house. I always thought this was a cute little tradition for any family, much like planting jellybeans on Holy Saturday and finding lollipops sprouted in their place come Easter morning. 
Kensi and I decided to make some of our this year and making reindeer food is easy as pie, actually much easier than pie. All you need are oats (oatmeal), cinnamon (for scent) and colored glitter. If you'd like you can also add some sequins. Put them in a food processor if you have one or you can just mix them up in a bowl. {We recommend blending a portion of the oatmeal to make it more fine and then mix it into the whole oatmeal}. Pour the magical mixture into a cute little jar and finish with a ribbon and a homemade tag. You can make a small jar for each child or you could even give them away as gifts leading up to Christmas Eve. 

Happy Mixing!

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