Monday, December 9, 2013


Our Christmas season may be a little bit shorter than usual this year because of when thanksgiving fell, but I know the Christmas tunes have been playing loud for all to hear since November 1st. We love blasting festive tunes through the house and in the car just as much as the next fruitcake out there. I've also seen tons and tons and tons of Christmas playlists pop up all over Pinterest. Our playlist is not much different, it has hundreds of songs on it, many of the same but different versions by different artists. But we have some awesome nontraditional songs that are actually about Christ and not about the commercialized holiday everyone has turned it into. We love love love these songs and hope you will too. This is just a quick few from our crazy huge playlist, all of these artists are great and have several other equally as brilliant songs in this itty bitty playlist.
FYI - Hold Us Together by Matt Maher isn't technically a 'Christmas' song but Mike loves it. 


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