Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I can’t believe we’ve started changing Kensi’s nursery into a big girl’s really bittersweet. It all started a couple months ago when she mastered climbing out of the crib. Every time we thought she was asleep we would hear a big THUMP! Talk about giving first time parents a heart attack! 
The week of multiple climb outs we blew up the air mattress for her. She loves the idea of a big bed and enjoys being able to get out and come in our room in the mornings. 
We were hoping to keep her in the crib until she was two, but we are pretty close to that mark. That being said, and the decision made to convert her room,  I am very excited to redecorate with some new elements, but it is hard realizing how quickly she’s growing up. 
For our idea board, we decided to add a little more color to her room. We’re still keeping it simple and neat, but adding different patterns, textures and color in her bedding is a must.

I’ve been shopping around for some fun new fabric for spring & summer, both for the Etsy shop and the babe’s room. I am always excited to see what prints I can find from Jay-Cyn, Michael Miller, Alexander Henry, Sarah Jane & Amy Butler {and so many others} because they never disappoint. Here are some of my favorites so far:

My Brain Hurts...
We debated whether to do a twin or full size bed....definitely no toddler bed for us....they grow out of them way too quick and I don’t want to do another change over. And picking the frame is hard stuff! There's the style; modern or vintage. And the material; wrought iron or wood and then the color....Ah the decisions! 
But the past few weeks were pivotal for us, we decided on the bed style! 
Woot woot! The Hubster always gives me such a hard time because I'm constantly changing my mind. I tell him it just means I'm creative.
 We really love her Jenny Lind crib and wanted to keep the chic vintage style, so we decided to go for the Jenny Lind bed. We knew we had to budget for this especially since the bed we love was going to cost $600 just for the twin, not including the mattress {GULP, with a flip of my stomach}. Then we were really smart....we decided before we bit the bullet on the bed, we would hit local consignment and antique shops in our area just in case we could come across something with a spindle style. Oh was it worth it! After spending a rainy Friday afternoon in a local shabby chic shop, we stumbled, literally Kensi bumped into several twin and full size bed frames at a fantastic price. We told the owner of the store what we were looking for and after three weeks of waiting we finally got the phone call. Not only did they have a Jenny Lind style twin size bed, but it was only $160! BOOM! I can't even explain the high I get from savings, there are no words. 
This adorable bed frame will get a fresh coat of paint, Antique White, to match her dresser that we refinished two years ago. Well probably add a bedside table, if not use the same one we refinished in a light blue for her nursery. I’m also looking for ideas of wall art...I prefer to do something DIY with some color and we’ll add a reading shelf for her attached to the wall to keep furniture pieces to a minimum to avoid clutter.

We also found her a matching letter press drawer we use as a knick-knack shelf. It’s rustic and so cute, it will be the perfect place for her to store all her tiny collections as she grows just as my sisters and I did growing up. 
 I'm going back to my roots and making a quilt for the end of her bed. We're also hanging a fun tassel garland along with other fun whimsical accents like twinkle lights to finish her room. 
There are so many thoughts on her room and a lot of decision making ahead, but I have no doubt it’s going to be adorable and a place she will love to call her own!


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