Friday, April 18, 2014


Today we started getting all our goods for our Easter brunch on Sunday. With a trip to Trader Joe's ...this girl can never leave the store without snatching a fruit peel & picking beautiful flowers.

This morning I whipped up some oldies, but goodies: Strawberry and Bacon Butter {find the recipes under the chow tab}. I always double my Bacon Butter recipe because there is never enough.
And of course we're hard boiling our eggs just in time to decorate them. 
This year we're also starting the Magic Jelly Bean tradition with Kensi. Plant jelly beans on Easter Eve and overnight they sprout into lollipops. I am so excited about it because she’ll understand the concept. Although I know she will definitely not be happy about planting jelly beans when she will want to eat them, but she will flip out when she sees the sprouted lollipops Easter morning! I found the Magic Jelly Bean free printable on Pinterest and can hardly wait for her to plant them in the ground tomorrow! 
Happy Friday!

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