Sunday, April 27, 2014


This past weekend was so eventful for us. We fit a lot into just a few days and I am exhausted, but so thankful for beautiful weather. 
We started our weekend on Wednesday night with a family coffee date. She has learned to spot Starbucks as soon as she sees it. I know she's going to turn into such a little coffeehouse girl {if she hasn't already}. She loves browsing the display cases and always picks out an organic milk and {when allowed} a snack. Tonight the snack of her choice to be shared with the fam....a simple Rice Krispie Treat. I can't get enough of her face in this photo! We call it her happy/crabby/I-just-want-to-eat-a-bite-and-not-smile-at-the-camera face. I seriously can't get enough of her! 

We planned a trip to Wilmington Children's Museum Friday morning. I have to admit, after going to some pretty good children's museums in the past, this one has some work to do in order to even compete. Wilmington is a much smaller city than Omaha and Balitmore but that's not to say each city shouldn't strive to make it their best. The great thing about it, Kensi isn't even 2 yet and anything that's new is fun. It definitely kept her entertained and we'd go back just for that and to give us something different to do. 

She could have spent over an hour in the Grocery Store and Restaurant. She's becoming quite the little chef. 

Saturday morning was by far my favorite. After grabbing our Starbucks we headed down to Carolina Beach for Britts Donut, a hidden local trademark of the Port City. 
They've been making these donuts down on the boardwalk since 1939 and put every donut I have ever had to absolute shame. They serve these bites of heaven toasty hot and they literally melt in your mouth. Don't go expecting an array of donuts though, they only make glazed and they are absolute perfection! 
Like many of the other locals we took our bag and walked the beach. It was such a beautiful, warm & breeze-less morning. 

Kensington is obsessed with jelly sandals, as am I. 

We finished our Saturday by spending the evening with some of our closest friends we've made since moving here. Good food, hilarious conversation and a night around the fire completed our day. 

Yesterday, we decided to make a spur of the moment beach trip. Kensi actually napped for a full 2 hours after church which is unheard of!!!! Of course we tried to get as much stuff done as we could. Once she woke up we packed up our lunch and headed down to Oak Island. 

The water was definitely chilly but she didn't care one bit. After squealing with each wave and getting sand everywhere, she crashed out again. Let me just say beach cuddles are almost better than couch cuddles. You don't have to worry about getting anything done while the babe sleeps because you're there to relax. It was a great weekend to kick off spring summer, yes I said's starting a little early here, because we said so :) 

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