Friday, March 6, 2015

easter baskets: round 3

I’m so excited to actually fill both a girl and boy basket this year!!! For starters I decided to do away with Kensi's large Pottery Barn basket. It's too big, way too big. What was I thinking? This year we opted to get both the kiddos much smaller baskets. I thought it would be fun to find a different type of basket and after much searching I found these adorable wire beauties at one of my favorite local shops.

For the last year I’ve had to keep telling myself to not be afraid of color. I’ve really attached myself to gray and even started feeling gray because there was so much around me. So over the last year Mike and I have tried to incorporate pops of color within our neutral rooms. More or less {okay more} because I’m constantly changing my mind, like all the time. Any-who, when I found these baskets I really wanted them to be different than the regular run of the mill wicker easter basket like the one I had originally bought for Kensi. I love the shape of these baskets, the fact they’re vintage and they go with our decor, but because they are pretty plain in color and spring is the season to pop some colors into our home, I’m playing with the idea of spraying these baskets with some paint and filling them with craft paper filler. Either way I. absolutely. adore. them.
Who would have thought egg baskets really do make for the most adorable easter baskets?
I think Easter baskets are such a fun way to bring in new and exciting items for the littles and it doesn’t always have to be Easter themed with bunnies and chicks. I did start a tradition with Kensi that each year she would get a small, very small bunny in her basket. It’s something my mom did with me and I was so excited to carry it on to Kensi, but that doesn’t mean her whole basket has to revolve around it.
Kensi is becoming more and more girly with each passing day and really finding a love for her tutus, so I couldn’t not get her a pretty, fluffy, pettiskirt. She’s also obsessed with turning everything into a jumprope. Don’t ask how this got started or why, I really have no clue, we don’t even own a jumprope, but she’s pretty convinced that they’re the coolest thing in the world right now.

| pettiskirt | jumprope | crochet bunny | meri meri sticker set | colored pencil set | babylit secret garden |

 I’m so excited for Finnley to start holding objects and exploring new things. He’s been a little drool monster for weeks now and chewing on everything so a fun teether was a must for his basket. His basket is also a great way to start his own little stash of his very own things. So far he’s been given all of Kensi’s hand-me downs and it’s worked great, but he is a boy and we will begin working some more boyish things into our home.

This year I thought it would also be fun to do a basket for Mike and I. Just a few things to make our spring and little more bright and happy. We did purchase a second Solly wrap because they're flippin' awesome. And I totally wanted pink, regardless if Finn is being carried in it or not. I'm the girl and the one that gets to wear it, right? :)

Happy Easter basket filling!

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