Friday, March 13, 2015


In October I knew I would be closing my etsy shop for a few months while I took the time to spend with Finnley and adjusted to having two kiddos. This past month I knew I needed to start get things in order to open the shop again. But I'm not at all sorry that it will still be a few more weeks. We've been busy making memories. I have loved being able to give my full attention to Kensi and Finn and watching them interact together. This has always been my dream, to stay at home withy kids and watch them grow and it's amazing. 
See...I can't ever be sorry for spending time with these nuggets. 
We've also been focusing on house projects and trying to figure out exactly what we want to do this year with our budget. I can't believe how quickly time is going, it seems to go even faster when there's a baby around. I mean seriously it's nearly April! What the heck??? March is flying by quicker than I ever expected and holidays are sneaking up on me and I'm totally not prepared at all this year for any of them!!! Let's hope I can get it together for Easter. Which by the way, how are the basket fillings coming along? Oh Joy has been sharing some fabulous basket ideas on Instagram, but I shouldn't be too surpirised....pretty much everything she comes up with is pretty darn fabulous! 

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