Wednesday, May 13, 2015

5 months + highchairs

Oh dear goodness, I can't believe this little nugget is 5 months! 1-2-3-4-5! Why does it have to happen so quickly??? I do adore all his spunky personality that comes out more and more with each passing week. Finnley is wanting to be on the move so much he's fanangling his little body every which way whenever he can. He is turning into quite the little Houdini; constantly flipping and rolling his body out of the Boppy pillows and trying to turn over his bouncer and swing. He's a crazy little man! 

Trip to Maryland
Baby food 
Laughs hysterically 
Talks in his sleep 
Mamas boy 

Last month I mentioned he loves Taylor Swift....let’s be honest about this, his love for Tay-Tay is beyond words. It’s hilarious. He will be fussing and as soon as you ask him if he would like some Tay-Tay he starts cooing like ‘DUH MOM! Put it on already!’ And I kid you not, as soon as Shake It Off begins, this kid is chill as a cucumber. He talks and giggles during the song and we like to think he’s trying to sing along. Taylor also helps put him to sleep. I know we listened to Taylor quite a bit while I was preggers with Finn, but could this really be a connection to why he loves her so much? Maybe, maybe not, but as far as I’m concerned, she’s my miracle helper. 

All last week he hated being down and only wanted to be held. We could tell he was clearly ready to be sitting up and wanted to be part of all the action. We finally bought his countertop high chair and the second we put him in he was grinning from ear to ear! He is so excited to be part of the conversation. We also started baby food. He's been reaching for stuff for awhile, but you know how babies are...everything goes straight to their mouth. But he is a big boy so we started with a little cereal and he wasn't too much of a fan, but when we gave him some sweet potatoes....the kid chowed down! 
Those big eyes get me every time. 

Speaking of his high chair, we bought the Inglesina Fast Table Chair. Before we had the Chicco 360 and we thought we really liked that one, but the Inglesina is a dream. Not only is it easy to clean, but it can easily be moved and taken with us when we go out, and let's not forget the array of fun colors they offer. We went with orange for a burst of color in our color neutral home and we are loving every stitch of it. 

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