Sunday, May 17, 2015


Do a lot of people enjoy breakfast food as much as we do? It's funny because we're not really breakfast people during the week, but when Saturday rolls around we break out pancakes, bacon, eggs and hash browns. 
When we first moved away from Omaha to Rockville, MD we made it a point to venture out and find local restaurants to love. I've mentioned before we love Beef n' Buns in Frederick, Maryland, but we also found Faidleys in the Lexington Market in Balitmore who has hands down THE BEST crab cakes. ever. Finding little local gems is one of our favorite things to do in any new city we're visiting or living in. When we first came out to Coastal NC we asked our realtor what local joints he recommended. This is how we found Britt's Donuts, The Provision Company, P.T's Grill and Pizzettas. A year ago we wanted to find a really good diner and stumbled upon The Dixie Grill. This has quickly turned into our favorite breakfast restaurant. I don't know if it's the quirky artwork of an egg and bacon trying to run off the plate and the egg failing by getting stabbed by a fork and its yolk running out or maybe the line stretching out the door, the bright colored walls or the food. But I do know, whenever the word 'breakfast' comes up in conversation, 'Dixie Grill' follows close behind. 
Wilmington Magazine:

There's usually two kinds of restaurants....1) you go only for one thing or 2) it doesn't matter what you order, everything is amazing. Dixie Grill is definitely the latter. Kensi will not stray from her short stack, but her fork always finds its way to my plate for eggs, gravy, grits, jellied toast, or fresh fruit. Mike has gotten to the point where he orders Alma's biscuits and gravy just for the table, to snack on between bites of their individual meal. I'm not kidding, it's that good. And although I've never had anything I didn't love, I always battle it out with myself to try something new or go with the Dixie Egg Benedict that has fried green tomatoes and covered in a vidalia onion gravy. It's ridiculous. So ridiculous that every. single. time we have someone visiting, we go to Dixie Grill.  
I'm already dreaming of the next time we go....omelettes, and pancakes and biscuits, oh my! 

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