Thursday, May 7, 2015

day trips

One of the many things we love to do is travel and explore new places. When we lived in Maryland we loved how close everything was and we were often able to visit a new place in a day. We started calling these our day trips. We went to DC, Delaware, Annapolis, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Virginia; and all for different reasons. Some were to see historical sites, some were for fun and sun, others for markets and ghost tours. People thought we were crazy for going to some of these places just for a day and sure some of them were about three hours away, but we loved it and always managed. 
Now that we’re in North Carolina we had to find new places for our day trips. We often go to Raleigh/Durham and Charlotte. We still have yet to visit Myrtle beach, but trust me it won’t be long.
We were in need of a few items from IKEA so we knew we would be making a trip to Charlotte about 3.5 hours away. Yes, people think we’re crazy and that’s okay. We planned our day to start early and jam in as much as we possibly could. This trip we made it a point to visit the Discover Museum in Uptown Charlotte. Kensi and I went last August while Mike had a conference and we knew this museum would totally be up Mike’s alley so we had to go again. I really don’t know who had more fun, Mike or Kensington. 

We love this museum for several reasons, but mostly because it’s so family oriented. There is something for everyone. Inside there’s an IMAX, mini aquarium, rain forest, animal exhibit (frogs), building tables, mechanics of how things work, baby and toddler room, water table, science lab and Kensi favorite: water lab. The last time we were here she was able to pet a sea cucumber and star fish.
The main floor is filled with all sorts of exhibits of how things work with blocks, building shelters, sling shots, levees and pulleys and so much more. This main area is by far the busiest and always the most crowded especially when you run into spring break or a dozen different schools spending the day there for their field trip. We’ve run into both :) 
This last trip was the first time we were able to experience the baby and toddler room with the water table. I loved this part because the water table had two baby seats for the littles to sit and play int he water. Finnley wasn’t able to sit up by himself, but with a little help from me he was able to splash around in the water. He really enjoyed being able to experience it and it was so fun to watch both of the kids have fun together.  Kensi talks about this museum a lot and keeps asking when can we go back. 

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