Tuesday, August 4, 2015

back at Home

We just got back from a three week visit to Omaha and both the kiddos are battling the sniffles and fevers. Finn has been teething the last couples weeks and every few days a whole new slew of crankiness comes around. Today he’s decided to share his snotty nose with all of us and Kensi is constantly pulling all the toys away from him in hopes of saving them from the Snot Monster. 
On top of the sniffles, we’ve been getting drenched with rain the past couple days. Looking outside you would think it’s cooler temps and the perfect recipes for hot soup, but no, it’s sticky and humid and all around gross. But we still are curling up under blankets, watching movies and drinking tea....let me just bump the air down a bit.
We spent yesterday hitting the grocery store to restock on stuff for the house. Aside from sparkling water, citrus fruits and lettuce, we also took advantage of all the school supply deals. We restocked on as many art supplies as possible. With Kensi into all things art we try and keep water colors, crayons, colored pencils and drawing paper in the house at all times. I say 'try' because we go through it like toilet paper. 
As I’m typing this afternoon, I’m actually typing at the cutest little desk that was given to us from Mike’s grandmother. We currently have it sitting in our dining room, which makes for the perfect spot as I can still hear and be near the kidlits playing in the other room. It’s in need of some love and I can’t wait to polish this sweet piece up. I’m thinking of doing a soft sand with a quick stain and dressing it up with fun hardware. Excuse me while I shop Anthropology for a little bit. 
Speaking of shopping, I’ve been browsing through some of my favorite stores and I cannot tell you all how excited I am for fall! I’ve been working on a few things to cozy up our home and I’ll share them with you very very soon! I’m such a nut, I keep checking into Baby Gap just to see if they’ve released their fall and halloween jams. Kensi and I are so excited and to be frank...having Kens and Finn in matching jams is seriously so stinking cute, I think my heart is going to explode! However, until those super cute jams come in stock I’m spending my time looking for some cute early fall favorites. I love the color purple and Kensi is obsessed with Rapunzel, which makes some of the pieces extra fun and easy without her putting up a fight. 

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