Friday, August 28, 2015

happy tears

For months we've been discussing whether or not we were going to start Kens in dance this year. We wanted to make sure she had an interest in it and would actually enjoy it, especially since she can be very shy. Buy much to our surprise she started asking us if she could start dance and practice her twirling. 
This past week we frantically started searching for a studio as we realized time had slipped away from us and classes were quickly filling up. Luckily we found one and then it was off to shop for all her gear and accessories. I danced for several years and I loved shopping for her first leotard and shoes. I loved dancing and have so many great memories of dancing, I couldn't wait for her to start. Last night felt like Christmas to me; I was anxious and excited for her! 
I pulled her hair back into a messy bun and secured it with one of my favorite bows. She was all sorts of cuteness!  
Once we arrived at the studio and she put her small ballet slippers on, I was sent over the edge, but was able to keep it under control until the Hubster and I got to the car. Then the happy tears started flowing. I've thought about this for a log time and have looked forward to to these activities for our kids. It's something I've always dreamt about, but it never seemed like it would get here or we would actually be doing it. A new life started tonight and I absolutely love it! 

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