Tuesday, August 11, 2015

things i’ve learned this past month

You know that saying, ‘you learn something new everyday’? In the world of motherhood and being a stay at home mom for that matter, that saying could not be more true. Amongst all the craziness in our house I really am surprised how well we function with as little sleep we’ve been getting lately.  This morning I pulled a waffle out of the freezer for Kensi only to find the freezer was not in fact freezing. Everything was thawing. So after digging through paperwork to find the warranty we bought two years ago {always buy the warranty....it’s worth it!} and hauling everything out of the kitchen freezer to the deep freezer in the garage {having a backup is also worth it!} I finally settled into the couch for my morning coffee and to watch Mickey Mouse Club House with Kens & Finn, which by the way.....Disney, please make new episodes! I’m really tired of Kansas City Mickey and hearing that a record player is an ancient device used to play music; vinyl is coming back ya know!
I wasn’t but a 1/4 of the way into my coffee when Finn let me know he needed a diaper change. Aye...did I mention it’s not even 8:30 here yet?
So to keep my sanity and humor going I thought I’d share my little list of new things I’ve learned the past couple weeks.

1. Sequins do in fact come out in poop if swallowed; as do cucumber seeds, blueberries and corn kernels.
2. Puffs and Cheeri-O’s are okay for breakfast, lunch & dinner.
3. Poor Man a.k.a. Melted Chocolate and peanut butter are a legit dessert
4. The five second rule does extend to ten or 15 seconds as long as the food is not moist.
5. Folding laundry is totally over-rated. Finn spends most days crawling around in a diaper just because I really don't want any more laundry. 
6. Amber necklaces and essential oils really do work and I don’t care how crunchy people think I am.
7. I apparently have a black cat obsession for Halloween and fall, but I don’t like real cats. Not even a little bit.
8. Baby poop stains are a real struggle, but thankfully to Pinterest this concoction works every. single. time.
9. I finally figured out the Repost app for Instagram. It only took forever because I must have been born in a barn. 
10. Pregnant brain and breastfeeding brain are a real thing. I just figured out how to take apart our countertop high chair in order to machine wash it. I've been hand washing and air drying for MONTHS! 

With that, you know how people say there’s a big difference between your first and second baby? Yeah that’s real....really real. And let's be honest...how many times did this sleep deprived mama say some form of 'real' in this post? A lot. Really a lot. 

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