Monday, October 19, 2015

kon mari: pantry

I came across the KonMari book a few weeks ago and once I started reading I was hooked. I couldn't wait to start decluttering our home, and we have had a lot of clutter. We're not dirty or messy people, but with two kiddos and toys everything seems to become cluttered quickly. On top of that you've heard me rant about the lack of organized storage we have in this house, so this book just pushed the issue of creating a home for everything that sparked joy.

When we first started with our clothes, it took us an entire day. We went through Mike's, mine, the kids' and even all the stored baby clothes. At the end of the day we had eight bags of give away and trash! That was just clothes. It was appalling how much we had held onto because mostly were baby gifts or the hope of wearing something again...someday, but lets be honest, that someday never came. I had shoes I had never worn because they were so uncomfortable and tons of baby blankets and burp cloths that were never used.

Our closet still has not been remodeled with a system of shelves yet, but dang it looks so much better! 
Every few days I try and focus on another category, but truthfully it can be a challenge. I can't count how many times I've gone through toys and books just to find them all out and intermingling with the other toys because Kensi and Finnley found the bag to give away. That's the hard part. 

This past week my focus was the panty and kitchen. I first went through all our utensils and appliances, then made my way to our pantry. It's embarrassing to admit how much stuff was stored in there simply because I could hide it with the doors. We keep our big appliances on the floor because they're too heavy for the shelf. Dog food, seasonal stuff, bags of rice and beans, cookbooks, baking stuff, small stuff, big stuff, all sorts of stuff. Ugh, look at this before. I can't believe I'm sharing this! I never thought my pantry would look like this, it actually looked worse before my few baskets.

{yikes!!!!} I always wanted an organized beautiful pantry filled with baskets and containers so it didn't look junky with all the boxes. This was just my motivation to run in that direction. Because it's a pantry and it can be hidden, it gets ignored. But truthfully, why not make it beautiful? It's used every. single. day.

I started by pulling over the trash can and a paper bag to throw in boxes to be recycled and items to give away. I still need to pick up another basket for a few things and bought a few BHG Flip-Tite containers {love these and they’re less expensive than the competitor brand} to store items just so I didn't have a bazillion bags everywhere causing spills later. 
I know this is only the first phase of organizing our pantry, but it makes me excited to continue moving forward and making our way to our full vision for house. Plus, this little bit has already made a huge difference!

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