Monday, October 26, 2015

pumpkin painting playdate

This year we planned several activities for October with pumpkin painting being one of them. We always spend an evening painting and carving pumpkins, but this year was special since Kensi was able to have a friend. Last weekend we spent our Saturday visiting the pumpkin patch and I was able to hit a few places in Raleigh to pick up a few fun pieces for our parties. 

While at the pumpkin patch we found the perfect sized pumpkins for littles to paint. I love these pumpkins because they have a long stem that’s easy for the girls to hold and it’s enough surface space to paint without adding gobs and gobs of paint that will eventually flake off. 
Finn focused on eating his apple and that was about it. 

After painting we served up individual dishes of homemade mac and cheese and hot roast beef sandwiches. For dessert our sweet friends spoiled is with pumpkin and cream cheese filled croissants. They were so delicious and only a few were left over for breakfast, but then they magically disappeared!

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