Tuesday, October 13, 2015

more outdoor fun

We're always working on something around here, it doesn't matter what time of the day, week or month. Our weather is teetering back and forth between cool and humid-warm. It's not quite sweater weather, at least not during the day, but that doesn't stop me from snuggling up in my favorites. It is beginning to get cooler at night which means it's the perfect time for a fire pit! 

We worked on building ours Saturday morning and we were able to use it the the next night. We actually picked up a little DIY pamplet at Home Depot. They have Fire Pit Kits you can purchase, but we ended up buying everything separately because we wanted a different ring. We also added another row of stone to add height with the kiddos. The project was very simple and Kensi ended up helping Mike put in all the small bricks, while I applied the glue. 
We had celebratory hot dogs and smores because what's better than that?!?! Unfortunately, since all the rain we had over the last week, thousands of mosquitoes have come back so now we're waiting for those little blood suckers to go away. But once they're gone, there will be so many nights full of memory making under these stars around this fire. I can hardly wait! 

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