Saturday, May 21, 2016

all boy

The last few days our little Finn has been having such a rough time especially in the mornings. Waking up multiple times last night, fighting naps and bedtime, super cranky in the morning accompanied by high pitch screams, freak outs and destroy-mode at its best. I know we’re approaching that two year old mark, but not until the end of the year. We still have time before we should hopefully be hitting those crazy tantrums. 
Maybe he’s teething again.  Maybe he’s not getting enough sleep. Maybe he’s having night terrors. Maybe he’s going through food aversions. Maybe he’s constipated. Maybe he’s hungry. All these things have crossed our minds and left us dumbfounded. Maybe it’s just yet another phase. What we experienced with Kensi is vastly different with Finn. Sometimes we’re at a complete loss as we’re pulling out our hair, looking at each other in disbelief. One thing Mike and I know for sure is boys are so very different from girls. Finn is our wild child. He’s our destroy mode guy. There’s always a trail of Finn wherever we go. This crazy child of ours who somehow finds the one little can of tomato juice in the pantry and runs around with it, trying to pop the top near my new white sofas! But he almost always follows all his crazy up with the best snuggles, kisses and sweet smiles and in that perfectly sweet moment we completely forget what bat-sh*t crazy thing he just did. That is until he’s on to his next adventure. Everyone has told us boys are hard in the beginning, but easier later. So for all those boy moms out there who’s hair is getting thinner by the second, hang on, because we’re right there with you! Hold on to all the sweet moments to help get us through those really tough moments. See...he’s so adorable! So much I could just eat him up!

Until next time.....oh no, he’s freaking out...again.

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