Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Catch Up

This last month has been a real doozy for us. We've been battling a virus that just seems to take us down one at a time. It's been a good three weeks (and a few days) since it started and we're finally feeling normal again, just in time for our crazy schedule change. It feels like so much time has passed and I have so much to share! In the last few weeks while down and out Olivia has hit a few milestones including turning 6 months, sitting up on her own, starting solids and believe it or not...crawling! She is definelty eager to keep up with her older siblings and doesn't show signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

We finished painting our cabinet bases and we are loving our color combo! Our doors are getting their final coat of paint this week and then I can finally share how they turned out. Of course Mike and I are already thinking about the next step in the whole kitchen process which may be countertops. Our stove is beginning to crap out on us so that may be the next step. It’s never-ending and always changing.

A couple months ago while looking for books on home beauty recipes I came across this book Hello Glow by Stephanie Gerber and finally purchased it about three weeks ago. For all my fellow oil users or anyone who enjoys the crunchy goodness of this sort, this book is ah-mazing. I'm so obsessed with the recipes she's created. Honestly it wasn't the pretty pictures or really the recipes that initially sold me, it was her introduction. She describes her childhood as being brought up to use natural remedies (much like me) and (this was the kill) wrapping her throat in wool to get rid of a sore throat! My mom did this every SINGLE time we ever complained of a sore throat! I've never come across anyone else who's done this and when I read that I was hands down, here's my money, SOLD! I taught Mike this trick when we were first married and even though he thought I was a little nuts, it's our automatic go to antidote! So yes I will be sharing some of my favorite recipes soon including how to do the wool throat thing. 

As spring is quickly approaching I’m preparing for the upcoming events like our Easter brunch, my mom’s visit and believe it or not Kensi’s birthday in early summer. We’ve been talking about possible birthday themes since January and she’s been all over the board. She never fails to surprise me and I absolutely adore her creativeness and imaginative personality. Her first idea was a nutcracker theme, in June, I absolutely loved the idea, but it was quickly replaced with a carnival theme after going to her friend’s birthday party. Then she switched to a Minnie Mouse theme, which I was kind of dreading because it was a character thing, but I was ready to embrace it because I knew she would love it. But hold on, she changed her mind again! This is why we discuss for months leading up to her birthday and I don’t begin planning until around April. At this point, and yes there’s still time for another change up, she’s asking for a rainbow themed birthday. Kensi loves rainbows because it has all her favorite colors except black, white and gray (those are your colors mama) and she loves painting, so we’re going for a rainbow art party. I think this will be so much fun and I cannot wait to start planning, that is unless she changes her mind....again! 

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