Monday, March 27, 2017

Easter Baskets

With only a few weeks until Easter I began looking for some fun goodies to fill the kids’ baskets this year. In years past I’ve been good about setting a theme for each individual basket, but this year it’s a little more frantic and I’ll be happy just to get something other than a couple bags of sugar. Less candy, more fun is my motto!

I love keeping the baskets simple with one larger item such as a doll or toy and filling the rest with a couple accessories for the warmer months like sandals, bows or sunglasses. I often use Easter as a way to refresh our outdoor play items like chalk, bubbles and beach toys especially when they’ve been buried in the sand or lost in the Atlantic. I always toss a book into each basket (usually what I create the theme around). This year I found the adorable bunny themed yoga book that will be perfect for rainy days inside. I love the BabyLit board books and I’m adding  Treasure Island to Finn’s basket. I can already see him pretending to be a pirate and trying to take us down with his felt ball sling shot. Isn’t that the cutest and most fun little add in??? I have a feeling I’ll be ordering another one for Mike. To finish, I like to put Annie’s Bunny Fruit Snacks or Crackers hidden in these fun eggs and stick in the yummy and festive marshmallows from William Sonoma. They’re so good!
Building a basket with fun and practical items makes it easier and less overwhelming (for me!) and it doesn’t junk up our playroom. 

Happy Hunting!


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