Sunday, March 12, 2017

Snow Surpirse

We were pleasantly surprised to wake up Sunday morning to a wintery mix slowly dropping in large wet clumps that quickly turned to slushy ice. It’s been nice and warm lately and our light green grass that has recently sprouted was now covered in a light icy snow blanket. Kensi and Finn were still a little groggy from losing an hour of sleep due to daylight savings, but they were squealing with squinted eyes at the sight of this magic falling as I loaded them in the van to head to church. Snow in coastal Carolina is rare and snow in coastal Carolina in March is unheard of! We were so excited for a small glimpse of winter even if was spring.

During church service we kept sneaking peeks to see if it was still snowing and if it was at all accumulating. I think almost everyone around was thrilled with the unexpected winter storm. Once we made it back home, Mike and I bundled the babes up and let them loose in the backyard to play in the snow. It was all great and fun until we remembered we aerated the lawn last weekend and the melting snow was soon turning into a mud pit. The kids played a whole ten minutes and I quickly tried to take as many photos as possible to document our 1) unexpected winter surprise 2) Olivia’s first snow 3) a winter storm at the beach. It took all of 3 seconds of Kensi laughing about how much she enjoyed eating the snow when she accidentally picked up a dirt clump and quickly throwing it over her shoulder. She had a look of utter disgust and decided she was also scared to make a snow angel because she didn't want to wake up the dang ants (they're pretty horrible here), but opted to make a snowman instead. With a little help from Mike they rolled three snow + dirt balls and gave him a face made of carrot pieces. Although he looks lumpy and odd with all the dirt clumps sticking out of his body he was very loved while he stood.

Back inside we celebrated our snow day as if it was December with hot cocoa, bumping the heat on and making up Christmas by watching Home Alone. We rolled so many milestones in one two hour block and loved every second of it. #christmasredo Until next time winter...


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