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Months ago, I did a post about some of our top registry's post is more or less the rest of our registry and what products specifically we have and really enjoy. There are so many items out there for baby and some people seem to think you HAVE TO HAVE ALL OF THEM....NOT TRUE!!! Especially not right away.

Also, we registered at Babies 'R Us because it was one of the only baby stores in our city. We didn't have a great experience with them. Sure they give you tons of 20% coupons which seem really great until you read the fine print. They pretty much exclude all brands except for Fisher Price and Graco. 

We would recommend registering at BuyBuyBaby before Babies 'R us or even better try out We came across this after having the bright idea of starting a site that allows you to create a registry strictly online that you could pull items from multiple stores and put on one list... and sure enough after checking to see if it does! I think this would be the best way to register as long as you had people who were willing to do online shopping.

Most of the items listed were put on our registry, but keep in mind, we do have other items that we've purchased on our own, but would not put them on our want to have good registry don't want people to think you're greedy or completely ridiculous by going overboard with unnecessary items.

We added a (*) next to our favorites....Even though I posted earlier about some of these items, it just goes to show you how truly awesome they are!

  • Diapering
    • No diapers! 
      • Too many different brands that fit/work differently with all children. Also you don't want a ton of diapers in one size because every baby grows differently.
    • Changing Pad
    • Diaper Bag
    • Diaper Pail - Arm & Hammer 
      • Don't forget the bag refills!
  • Baby Gear
    • Baby Carrier (Sling) - Baby K'Tan*
    • Stroller - Baby Jogger City Mini GT*
      • We originally bought the original Baby Jogger City Mini and loved this stroller, but we just exchanged it for the City Mini GT. We love the GT even more. There are a few upgrades on the GT that are well worth the extra cash.
      • Also, if you decide to buy a Baby Jogger Stroller....look into the carseat adapter, instead of buying a whole extra frame stroller.
    • Car Seat - Chico Keyfit 30
    • Portable Play Yard - Aprica Haven
  • Feeding
    • Breast Feeding Pillow - Boppy
      • Also recommend purchasing the Boppy Protective Cover that goes between the cover and pillow. It helps protect the pillow from spit up, water, etc.
    • Breast Pump - Medela Breast Pump* 
      • Also check with your insurance...many insurance companies now offer vouchers to buy a pump because they want to encourage breast feeding. Some vouchers can be up to $200!!!!
    • Breast Pump Accessories
      • We also recommend registering for one set of the Self Cleaning Steam bags.
    • Milk Storage Bags*
      • Freeze milk flat by laying them down in the freezer, then transfer to a gallon size bag labeled with the month.
    • Dishwasher Caddy for Bottle Parts - Munchkin
    • Bottles - Born Free* 
      • BPA Free, option of glass, don't leak, easy to hold.
    • High Chair
    • Baby Spoons - Munchkin
    • Bowls - Munchkin
    • Sippy/Training Cups - Born Free
  • Stationary Entertainers
    • Swing/Bouncer - Bright Starts Automatic Bouncer* 
    • Playmat - Mamas & Papas Playmat
    • Bumbo (Yes this was recalled for the millionth time)
      • We also got the Bumbo Tray.
  • Toys/Books
    • The only reason we added toys to our registry was to add items with a lower price tag as an option for shoppers. We highly recommend adding books!
      • Stroller Toys - Kushies by Zolo*, Lamaze, SkipHop
      • Rattle
      • Teether - Sopie the Giraffe*
      • Links - Sassy
      • Children's Books
        • Never too early to read!!!
  • Sleeping
    • Bassinet/Bedside Sleeper - Fisher Price Rock 'n Play Sleeper *
    • Swaddle Blankets - Aden + Anais*
    • Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover (2-3)
    • Play Yard Sheets (2-3)
    •  Fitted Crib Sheets (2-3)
      • Or you could make your own!
  • Bathing
    • Bathtub  
      • We didn't get the Puj tub, we used our sink instead; we're thinking about getting the Eurobath Kit.
    • Towels - Summer Infant Luxuries*
    • Washclothes - Thirsties Fab Wipes (Amazon or Specialty Stores)
      • These don't roll up after washing and lay flat.
  • Health & Safety
    • Healthcare Kit - American Red Cross
      • Like, because it comes with spoons and syringe for giving medicine.
    • Thermometer - ThermoScan*
    • Baby Monitor
Here are other items that we have and really enjoy, but did not put on our registry.
  • Diapers - The Honest Company*
  • Crib - DaVinci Jenny Lind
  • Dresser - 
  • Glider - Babyletto Nara 
  • Mattress - Colgate
  • Nightlights - Great for using in the hospital.
  • Sound Machine - ConAir
  • Humidifier
  • Safety Gates
    • We already had. 
  • Nursing Cover
  • Binkies/Pacifiers
  • Bibs
  • Blankets
    • We received many as gifts. 
  • Wearable Blankets - Aden + Anais and Halo
    • Never thought about this until a friend mentioned it to us...use the zip up ones over the Velcro ones, because when pulling the Velcro away it's loud and can wake the baby.
  • Baby Shampoo - Mustela
  • Baby Hangers for Closet
  • Clothing
    • People are going to buy you so many random clothes and they get changed out in the stores so quickly. We also felt weird about registering for clothes. Also, our baby girl is only 2 months old, but because she's so long she's already fitting into a lot of her 3-6 month size onesies and bodysuits.
Here are a few items we found unnecessary and still do....

  • Bottle Warmer 
    • Try using a mini crock-pot filled with water and keep on warm for the day.
  • Diaper Wipe Warmer
  • Walker
  • Baby Food Maker
    • We have a food processor which we love and it does the exact same thing...if you're thinking of getting a baby food thingy and don't have a food processor....check out a food processor, it's amazing all the things they can do---it's an investment, but WELL WORTH IT! The baby food accessories are a different story---although you could just as well use ice cube trays :)
  • Nursing Stool (really???)
  • DVD's (iTunes is way easier and babies REALLY don't need to be sitting in front of the t.v.'s not a babysitter)
  • Music CD's (iTunes is way easier)
Wow! Now that's a list! Hope this helps any of you who are/were struggling with different products for your babies....Happy Shopping!

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