Monday, August 6, 2012


We honestly stumbled across this little wonder as we were quickly looking to pick up an extra bath towel for Kensi. We've bought and still use a few different bath towels from Target and Carters, however our most favorite towel bath wrap (it's sounds much more fancy) is made by Summer Infant.
Why do we love it so? It's double layered, 100% terry cloth and extra cozy. Not only is it hooded, but it has a foot pocket and it wraps around your sweet lil babe just like a swaddle to keep them nice and warm after their bubble bath! 
We really hope they make more prints because we would much rather invest in these instead of the thin, single layer bath towels that are just much too easy to find! Right now we've only found this sweet bath wrap in pink and aqua.
Go ahead - spoil your bebe!

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  1. This is FABULOUS!!! I always love reading your latest product reviews because then I can't wait to go shopping, hehe. John and I have been complaining recently that Blake's regular hooded towels (the ones from Target) aren't quite big enough to really wrap him up in after getting out of the tub and also get soaking wet sooo fast! I look forward to testing out the new "bath wrap" in the near future.


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