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It's never too early to start introducing your baby to colors. Because Kensi is so little, we can't actually sit down and play a game about basically anything with her. However, we can point out the many different colors on her toys and in her books. This is a very simple way to start teaching your child. 

Start simple. Point out the object in the picture and its color, most infant board books have just a few colors per page.

Here's how....very easy....
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

When we read to Kensi, we try to point to the words and describe the pictures...
"Look at the cat! The cat is purple!
"It has green eyes!"

Read through the book and say the colors and items on each page. After reading it a few times add more descriptions.

Add another description about the same picture...
"The cat has a long tail and says 'meow.'"

Kensi LOVES being read to....This is one of her favorite books and she coos and smiles with many of the animals!

We also do this with her toys....

"The butterfly is purple."
"The wings have lots of colors. It has pink, orange, blue, black and white!"
"The butterfly has wings that flutter!"
"The butterfly likes flowers!"

Because so many infant toys have crunchy paper, squeakers or rattles inside you can also talk about the sounds they make while you play with the toy. It's also important to be silly with the toys and your child. Show them how the toy (i.e. plush frog) can talk to them, kiss them on their cheek or tickle them. By doing so you're planting a seed in your child to help spark their imagination to grow!

If you need some book ideas, check out our earlier post about Children's Books!

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