Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Age: 5 Months
Weight: 15 lbs 2 oz
Height: 25.75 inches long
Firsts: Cereal!
Events: 1st Halloween
Travel: None
Foods: Rice & Oatmeal cereal. Also tried squash and sweet potatoes.
Favorite Toys: Taggie Blanket & Froggie
Favorite Thing to Do: Popping her binkie in and out of her mouth.
Sitting Up: Has much better balance, but still needs a little support.
Rolling Over: Yes, from back to tummy and now tummy to back.
Crawling: Nope, but kicks her legs like crazy.
Walking: Nope
Smiling: Yes and more laughing.
Talking: Cooing and making lots of her own noises!
If talking, what words: No
Sleeping Through the Night: Waking up to eat once around 5-ish!

I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE'S ALREADY 5 MONTHS!!! She's getting so big, but it is so amazing to watch her grow!

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  1. I cannot believe the little miss is 5 months either! Where has the time gone?! Such a cute pic for her monthly photo shoot...I'm feeling like Blake is quite the chunker though, seeing as how he was 17 pounds at 5 months, lol. I'm loving hearing about all little Kensi is into these days :)

  2. Happy five months!! How did she like the rice cereal!! We are going to try that soon!!

    1. Katie,
      She didn't really care for the rice too much. We tried it one day and then went straight for the oatmeal, which she loves! She'll eat the rice more now, but still prefers the oatmeal. We've also tried mixing some fruits or vegetables into her cereal which is hit and miss.


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